What toddler’s age is a 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22 & 24 inch bike for?

What toddler’s age is a 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22 & 24 inch bike for?, balance bike size, perfect size balance bike, size chart of balance bike

What is the perfect bike size for toddlers? This is an ordinary query which every gradient often asks before buying a balance bike. The market is flooded by various kinds & various sizes bike, from these which is the best that can pick you for your lovely toddler.

We are going to you crystal clear all the terms of a good fit bike.
If you read this post I think you have no confusion or ignorance regarding choosing a bike for a kid. Because our balance bike buying guide also helps you to increase your knowledge of suitable buying skilled development.

How to choose the right bike size for your toddler:

The appropriate size of a bike plays a vital role to learn riding skilled and it depends on some factors also. We are going to make you too capable to choose an appropriate run bike size. Reader, if you train up yourself as a mentor, this is your perfect ground for knowledge regarding toddler balance bike sizing and authoritative guideline. 

Balance Bike Sizing Chart


Wheel Size




10 Inch

12-14 Inch

30-33 Inch


12 Inch

15-17.5 Inch

35-37 Inch


14 Inch

15-20 Inch

36-43 Inch


16 Inch

16-21.5 Inch

40-46 Inch


20 Inch

19-24 Inch

44-52 Inch


24 Inch

22-27 Inch

47-57 Inch


26 Inch

25+ Inch

55+ Inch

See our bike sizing chart to find out Best Balance Bike for toddlers.

How to determine a suitable bike size for your Kid: To ensure kid’s appropriate run bike size you have to go through a process step by step.

A)  Assess your kid’s inseam: First of all, you have to know, what is your kid’s inseam? To know it properly you arrange a measuring process. If you don’t know the inseam measurement process, don’t worry we will help you. Please do it very carefully because inseam measurement is directly related to bike size. If occurs mismatch then can’t pick the right balance bike.

The best way to measure toddler’s inseam is, first of all, stand the child with shoes in front of a flat wall, keep a hard book between the legs and raise it until touches the child’s crotch, now make a sign
on the wall where the book’s apex indicates, now measure the distance between the floor and that sign, this is the inseam of your child. See the infographic below:

What toddler’s age is a 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22 & 24 inch bike for?, balance bike size, perfect size balance bike, size chart of balance bike

B)   Select wheel size: After determining inseam size you have to narrow down the wheel size; wheel size indicates bike size. There are many sizes of bike presents in the market. 10”, 12”, 14”, 16”, 18”, 20”, 22”, 24” and many more. You just specified one according to your toddler’s inseam. To know inseam wise tire size, see our balance bike sizing chart above.

C)   Justify the pros-cons of the selected bike: After selecting the appropriate one you compare brad versus brand in the same segment. Different brands provide different features; you research and find out what would be the perfect match for you. To know about the product’s pros-cons, can read some review articles such as 10 best wooden balance bike, Strider Sport, Schwinn & Radio flyer kids’ bike also.

D)  Finally pick one that can fit with toddler perfectly: Now you reached the bottom line. You will pick the right bike at this stage. But one thing remembers you must consider the rider control ability and fit perfectly. That means which one you wanna buy that one match rider’s inseam size for smooth riding and controlling.

What toddler’s age is a 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22 & 24 inch bike for?, balance bike size, perfect size balance bike, size chart of balance bike

Other factors that should consider in the buying process:  If you claim yourself as a mentor parents then you should consider these important factors for the toddler bike buying process. These are:

1)     Price: Price always dominates your buying decision. We want to buy a good product at the lowest price and this is a general consumer concept. But you should ensure quality contrarily of price always. Before purchase, you compare brand to brand for a better option.

2)    Weight: Lightweight bike often indicated easy control and it depends on the frame & wheel type. Generally, steel and aluminum frames are used in a balance bike. So steel frame heavy than an aluminum frame and price differs for frame materials. Keep in
mind, an ideal balance bike size should be good fitted and weight not more than 25% of the total kid’s weight.

3)    Wheel Type: Bike wheel type also interferes with weight and smoothness. Nevertheless, three types of tire available in the market; those are foam, rubber, and plastic. The rubber tire is slight heave than others but ensures smooth riding, Foam and plastic tire are lightweight but it is not perfect for wobbling free riding. Air tire needs maintenance and air inflation; on the other hand, foam tire is
puncture-free and no need for air inflation.

What toddler’s age is a 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22 & 24 inch bike for?, balance bike size, perfect size balance bike, size chart of balance bike

Difference between Air & Foam tire


Air Tire

Foam Tire

Air Inflation



Puncture Proof



Premium Traction









Soft Impact



Light Weight



4)   Brake Type: Brake is not an essential part of a balance bike measurement concept but it ensures safety during riding. The Brake system assist to stop the running bike and protect your kid’s legs from anguish. Generally, a soft hand brake encourages using a rider which is attached to the rear wheel.

5)    Color & Design: A parent needs to focus on color and design during the final selection of a toddler’s bike; because colorful toys or anything attracts children and inspires them to stay a long time. So if you were able to choose a colorful and cool designed balance bike successfully you can connect your lovely kid with the run bike all day long; as a result, he or she will learn biking very fast and able to transition to the next pedal bike soon.

Should the child wear protective clothing during riding? Need to wear such a type of protective clothes while gliding. Do you think what those are? Very simple those are helmet, hand gloves, elbow & knee guard, etc.

The helmet is one of the parts and parcels of safety. Helmet always
protects the head from any unexpected accident. An ideal kid’s helmet should cover whole the head including the forehead and ears also. Be careful about lightweight and strength before buying a helmet for toddlers.

Kids usually use a balance bike for learning in the beginning stage. It means they are fully new in cycling, so it has more possibility of falling during riding or can scratch easily in their legs or hands. Elbow and knee guard also prevent scratch body parts from this type of unexpected incident.

What toddler’s age is a 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22 & 24 inch bike for?, balance bike size, perfect size balance bike, size chart of balance bike

What is the easiest way to teach “How to ride a bike”? Nothing is easy in the world. But if you have rocket science then you can. After buying a balance bike the parents face this major question first of all, “How to learn riding my child not only easy but also soon”.

Dear parents don’t worry; we have the 100% effective solutions which you may seek. We have three magical ways to learn to ride. All three ways represent 3 different techniques and strategies.

What toddler’s age is a 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22 & 24 inch bike for?, balance bike size, perfect size balance bike, size chart of balance bike

These three methods are Cloths, Stick & Traditional methods that
can make your kids a pro-level biker. To know the full key, read our articles “How to teach a kid to ride a bike in 30 minutes”

Should it need a parent handle for push or pull?

Parent handle means a controlling stick that is controlled by parents, but we say a parent handle means a weakness or a barrier of a toddler for learning. When you start controlling from behind kids would be dependable on you. As a result, he or she can’t ride independently, and automatically they retreat from their learning goals.

On the other hand, we won’t discourage moving along with your kid. However, you give him an authentic company which will be a great source of inspiration. Just you run or walk beside of him instead of behind.

What toddler’s age is a 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22 & 24 inch bike for?, balance bike size, perfect size balance bike, size chart of balance bike

Bottom Line: We tried to provide a clear knowledge about toddler balance bike size and basic guidelines. You have to know inseam to get the right bike that can be fitted absolutely.   

Common Query on Balance Bike Size:

Q) What size bike would be the best for my child?

A) This will be determined based on your kid’s inseam and focused that bike would be good fitted currently. A fitted balance bike enhances comfort and riding experience twice from the first day. Always chose lightweight, durable, rubber wheel, and tidy fitted ones for better output.

Q) Should age play a role in a balance bike size?

A) Children’s age is not the perfect scale to determine the exact size, because age is like an approximate fit. The best way is according to inseam measurement.

We noticed that different aged children belong to different height
so they are not fitted on the equal bike size. Since the kids run bike
specialists seem the inseam is the only way to discover the perfect size of a balance bike till now.

Q) What is the inseam and how can I measure it?

A) Inseam is the measurement of the distance between the ground and the child’s crotch. The inseam is generally measured in inches and it plays a crucial role in case of identifying the right bike size of toddlers.

This is a very easy and simple way to measure the inseam. See above the infographic and related portion to know step by step.

Q) What does balance bike size depends on?

A) It depends on that bike’s wheel size completely. It means 12” balance bike means it’s wheel size 12”; in this way 14, 16 or above
indicate it’s wheel size 14” or 16” or above. Hope you are clear now that wheel size is the indicator of a children run bike size. 

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