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Strider-12-sport-balance-bike, strider balance bike

Strider 12 sport balance bike is not only a dependable but also trusted brand for learning riding. The bike specially made for kids so that they will gain how to balancing steering gliding confidently and even before leave their diapers.

We have great tried to place the most popular balance bike’s trifles matters that you may look for. It can say honestly when I wished to give a balance bike to my son who is 24 months old then the name arises in my mind at first.

Many required features included & best seller products will meet
your all requirements and capable to make happy ambitious toddlers effectively.

At a Glance of Product Information:

Size: 12 Inches

Age Limit: 18 Months to 5 Years

Frame: Durable Steel Frame

Tire: EVA Foam Tire

Weight Capacity: 60 lbs (maximum)

Weight: 6.7 lbs (3 KG)

Footrests: Padded Footrests

Price: $ 100.55 Only

Buyers Review: 1281 Plus

Amazon Rating: 4.8 Out of 5

Our Rating: 9.7 Out of 10

Best for Whom: The bike is suitable for 18 months to 5 years older toddlers according to the manufacturer’s instruction. The inseam measurement would be 31 to 51 centimeters or 12 to 20 inches accordingly. The maximum weight capacity to ride on it is 27 KG or 60 lbs weighted kids.

Now decide you, if your son or daughter may qualify this measurement then he/she can ride on it; there is doesn’t matter either they are taller or smaller.

Why It is Preferable to Us:

Bike Size- Generally bike size depends on what is the size of a tire. Clearly, we can say tire size indicates bike size. According to this theory, the strider sportbike is 12 inches in size.

Now you have to decide what size of bike will be perfect for your
lovely kid. If your kid’s inseam is 30 cm to 51cm or 12″ to 20″, regardless they are fit to this balance bike without confusion.

Strider 12 sport balance bike

Inspiring Design- The bike is specially made for whose are confident and optimistic about success in the future. The fire on the world bike leads to make easier their riding adventure. Toddlers grow with craziness and their memory wants to learn faster, so the manufacturer focuses that concept and astonished us by making this type of effective & realistic design.

Strider-12-sport-balance-bike, strider balance bike

Light Weight- This is a lightly weighted no-pedal bike which only 6.7 lbs. The light steel body and EVA foam tire make the bike light weighted. Due to the lightweight, your kids can pick up and drop easily. As per the weight calculation principle bike weight should be 30 percent of toddler’s weight. That means if your buddy is 20 months old and he is 24 lbs then the bike weight should be less than 7.2 lbs.

Strider-12-sport-balance-bike, strider balance bike

Durable Steel Frame- Frame is a major part of a bike, so it can consider seriously because weight and durability both depend on it. The manufacturer uses a strong steel frame to ensure durability and also focus lightweight. The colorful frame not only long-lasting but also indicates lightweight to easy control for toddlers.

Strider-12-sport-balance-bike, strider balance bike

Adjustable Saddle & Handlebar- It has the great features that the seat and handlebar can be adjusted according to your tot’s height and grows with your child.

The handlebar can be expanded from 46 cm to 56 cm or 18 to 22
inches. The handles are made by mini soft grips also so that their hands fill comfort & never pain for longtime riding fun.

On the other hand, Seat post can adjust between 28 cm to 48 cm or 11
to 19 inches. The organic padded designed seat will add more comfort for the toddler.

Strider-12-sport-balance-bike, strider balance bike

Bike Tire- Tire made by EVA polymer foam and wheel made by plastic. The tires are maintenance and puncture-free. It means you never be worried regarding maintenance issues and no need to air inflate at all. On the other hand, light-weighted foam tire never goes flat and cooperate to keep the bike light weighted.

Strider-12-sport-balance-bike, strider balance bike

Footrests- Footrest allows for taking rest toddler’s leg during biking. For this reason, the manufacturer attached the comfortable padded footrest in it which is slips less. As a result, kids can’t pain in the leg if they glide for a long time. It’s mentioned that few & branded bikes keep attached footrest and Strider 12 sport is one of them.

Strider-12-sport-balance-bike, strider balance bike

To know more about all the part’s accurate measurement & quality that leads to making a bike perfect you should read our Buying Guide 2020

At a Glance of Product’s Pros & Cons:


  • Easy controllable due to lightweight.
  • Durable lightweight steel frame.
  • Adjustable & soft gripped handlebar.
  • Adjustable and ergonomically padded seat.
  • EVA foam tire no need for maintenance and air inflate at all.
  • Appropriate geometry added extra comfort.
  • Easy to carry here & there.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • The best selling volume ensures product quality.
  • An additional XL size seat provided with this model for an older child riding.


  • No hand brake attached.
  • Foam tire may not for long-lasting.
  • No rotation boundary of the handlebar.

Additional Features You may Need to Know

Easy to Assemble- The bike is very much easy to put together and no need tools for this assignment. The assembly process is not only easy but also can be done within a moment and no need any tools.

After unboxing you will get the manuals including a clear assembly
guideline. Just you have to do the job according to the instructions. You can click here to see the total assembly process step by step.

For your kind information, adults need to complete the assembly

Measurement- Measurement or Geometry is important to fit a child with a bike appropriately. As though the bike made for fun and maintains a good geometry for ensuring fitness accordingly and minimum gap ensures more comfort during riding.

The handlebar & seat post stands on the better position as if
your kids can be sited properly and easy to control handlebar.

The rear wheel set up between on lower distance from the ground; that’s why it minimizes the center of gravity and co-operate to an easy rolling wheel.

Strider-12-sport-balance-bike, strider balance bike

Bearings- The manufacturer used sealed cartridge bearing instead of general bearing in it. Reader, do you know what is the difference between them?

Sealed bearing stayed in cover and prevented from dust; as a result,
wheels can keep neat & clean and rolling smoothly. On the other hand general bearing works in open conditions that get dust and like anything else; due to dust bearing can’t roll wheels smoothly.

From this point of view, this strider sportbike gains a positive advantage regarding bearing function.

Soft Hand Grips- We found handgrips made by soft rubber in this bike that ensure the safety and comfortability of your toddler’s tippy fingers. On the other hand, the handgrips made according to child palm measurement so that they can grip & steer very easily for fun.

Nut-Bolts- You may know that many kinds of nut-bolts having used in a balance bike like scratched, flat & round, etc.

Round bolt is one of them that can see your next strider 12 sport balance bike. That bolt can’t injure your kid while scratching or falling on the ground.

Quick Release Clamp- Quick release clamp is a necessary feature and doesn’t attach with every bike. But this bike has a great opportunity which makes your adjustment function easier.

We told before there is no need for any tools to adjust the seat and handlebar. Because it has a quick-release clamp jointed with both of them. Guardians can increase or decrease seat post & handlebar by the quick release clamp within a moment.

Strider-12-sport-balance-bike, strider balance bike

Qualified for Outdoor Fun- Here outdoor fun indicated to wasting time at a long distance place, it can be called family tour also.

Generally, people choose distanced areas to enjoy family fun.  Though this is the light weighted bike so can carry to there for kid’s fun.

In spite of the puncture-free tire and never goes to flat also, it can ride not only off-road but also on road.

Strider-12-sport-balance-bike, strider balance bike

Colors & Looks- Once we saw a toddler didn’t like his balance bike although it was suitable. He/she neither expend time with the bike nor interested to do so. As a result, the parent becomes anxious and tries to find the real fact. We also co-operate for finding & solving the problem.

We noticed the bike does not belong to an attractive color or looks.
That’s why the kid denied taking with him. It can say honestly really the bike color was roughened.  Then we try to replace it with other colors but there was no color option available.

After that, the worried parent completely returns the product and took another brand according to kiddo’s choice.

So, color is minor to us but sometimes plays a major role for toddlers. Strider no-pedal balance bike has many color option and you can pick
one best from them. There are shining colors were available at the seller Including Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink & Silver.

Resale Value- Don’t confuse about the point because we “resale value” means you can sell it again to your friend or neighbors if you determine no need more. The Strider sportbike has sufficient demand for people to make sales again easily.

When your tot transforms from balance bike to pedal the bike then
you may think it is additional to you, then you can resale it and add funding for the next pedal bike of your tot’s.

Decorate According to Your Tot- Yes! It has a great opportunity to surprise tot by changing the looks of his bike. It can be possible for sticker pasting on each part. It will change the bike completely and bring an attractive retro appearance.

According to our known, many agencies provide this category service
and Balance Bike Graphics is one of them. They are offering so many packages as quality services; just you have to pick one from them.

You can choose a gorgeous printing sticker set for pasting. Hopefully, your kid may choose very much and give more time than before for riding.

Strider-12-sport-balance-bike, strider balance bike

Spare Parts & Accessories- While you purchase a bike then you must need to know regarding spare parts because parts can be defected or damaged anytime. There are many ways to get your necessary parts. You can arrange those from the seller or manufacturer. In this matter,
you can visit the Strider bike’s website directly.

On the other hand, many agencies sell spare parts & accessories
online. Those are,,,, etc.

We prefer in spite of their performance. You not only
found accessories but also can upgrade your one from there. Mind-blowing & charming accessories bring you to the new one with satisfaction. If you think you wanna upgrade and create something amazing like that you may visit their site once.

Strider-12-sport-balance-bike, strider balance bike

Negative Impacts:

No Rotation Limiter- Rotation limiter or turning limiter leads to rescue toddlers from accidents or collisions. We clear you how to function the rotation boundary. It creates an obstacle and never lets to move more while the kid tries to round the handlebar in 180 degrees; So the handle stops forcedly before reaching its limitation and keeps safe from the upcoming collision. 

This feature is missing from this product. But the mentionable feature is not a major issue for deciding the case of the buying process. Moreover, this is a minor matter and you will see many bikes in the market that are performing well except turning limiters.

Strider-12-sport-balance-bike, strider balance bike

No Hand Brake- hand brake is a considerable matter in case of the safety issue.  You know the hand brake used to stop the bike safely. But when it doesn’t attach to the bike then-toddler has to do the job by his soft feet which not only harmful but also risky.

Guardian you may notice, this feature is also absent from the discussed balance bike. It has no brake added to release from speed. It means Strider 12 Sport run bike is not a Balance Bike with Brake at all.

We request not to be confused for brake function. Because of the maximum bike has no brake system in the market. Here the manufacturer shows a logic, they replied toddlers will learn how to walking steering gliding running and stopping also at a time. So if we attached the brake function then the kid never learns to stop by own confidence and ability.

In this circumstance, we can say, dear parent, your tot will be adjusted with their feet to stop bike; just you will have to wait until they try successfully.

Strider 12 sport balance bike

EVA Foam Tire- We know foam tire has some advantages. But it has a negative impact also that may not for long-lasting usage. The foam tire can’t go long run than air tire. It can damage or scratch easily but the air tire provides satisfactory service for a long time because it is stable than EVA polymer.

Another thinking air inflated tire is weighted in comparison to EVA polymer tire. That’s why the manufacturer attached a foam tire with the bike rather than an air tire to ensure lightweight. As a reason, tire selection directly related to bike weight. So, use it carefully if wanna carry it for a long time.

Our suggestion dear buyer, by thinking the matter of lightweight and
other facilities like air inflation, maintenance and puncture-free tire you can sacrifice the lasting issue. Therefore the famous brand Radio Flyer Balance Bike Glide N Go used foam tire for light-weight also.

Other Considerable Positive Impacts:

Customers Review: Sometimes customers’ feedback makes a great impact on behalf of the positive thought of the product. When our experts are researching the product detailed page they found more than 1281 customers provide their experience proudly and it is a mentionable positive side beyond confusion.

The well and well-featured product achieved 4.8 ratings out of 5 through its performance from Amazon and we are also glad to give 9.7 ratings out of 10 consecutively.

Is the Price is Relevant? Price always encourages making a purchase decision of buyers. We see the estimated price was $ 100.55 at Amazon which cheaper and affordable price to our cost analyzer.

Dear sincere parents when you are determined to introduce your lovely tot with riding, steering and making fun then the price is not a matter. However, the mentioned price is quite relevant to this type of well-featured bike in comparison with the same level of other brands in the market.  

Can you Get a Warranty or Not? Honorable reader warranty always depends on the product’s terms and conditions. It also varies from case to case. However, we try to give a clear concept regarding warranty & support service but nothing to pick for you from the seller.

We found an instruction for this service which was “if you want to know details about the warranty then you can communicate to the seller directly”.

Don’t worry reader, because you have another option where you can find the top to bottom information regarding warranty and it is the
manufacturer website. You can also ask there if have any quarry in your mind.

In the Last Line: We have tried to present a full & informative strider 12 sport balance bike review to assist you to find out the best bike in an affordable budget.

We research this bike thoroughly and hardly try to seek out the pros
& cons which already discussed in this post. We have able to know from happy customers who are already used and share their satisfying feedback with us. This is one of the light weighted and nice bikes that would be accepted to your lovely toddler.

You noticed before that more than 1281 happy customers review on behalf of the strider sport balance bike; this feedbacks prove that it is one of the best no-pedal balance bikes which will be your kid’s one in next.

5 Relevant Questions & Answers:

Q) What is the distinguished between Strider Sport & Strider Classic?

A) Reader, mentionable both models are almost similar. However, a little bit of difference appeared in the case of tools required during assembly and adjustment.

The prime distinction is, one seat provides with classic model and two seats provide with sports model. One for regular child and the other for an older child.

Q) Is Strider 12 Sport the best balance bike?

A) According to our investigation, we have to give a 9.7 score out of 10 proudly. The reason for a lot of benefits featured including one extra XL seat post for an older child.

On the other hand, the Strider sport can be upgraded at any time if you want. Not only upgrading option but also you can decorate through designed sticker pasting from the provider.

So we can say it is a popular light weighted bike in the market at this price level and hope you will be agreed with us after using it.

Q) Can I replace the air tire in it?

A) Yes! You can. But one thing kept in mind that air tire weighted than EVA foam tire. So when you replace than the total bike weight will be increased. As a result, it may not possible to control easily for a toddler.

In this situation, we are suggesting you not to do that at all.

Q) Is it able to share with siblings?

A) Yes! It can be used between siblings. Because of an extra XL seat post provided with 12 sports models. So the younger child will ride on the regular seat and older children will ride on XL seat post too.

Q) Who would be a good fit for Strider 12 sports model?

A) According to the manufacturer’s instruction, this is best for 18 months to 5 years older kids or less than 60 lbs weighted children. Because of 60 lbs is the maximum weight capacity of this bike.

Also, it is important to know the bike’s seat & handlebar can be adjusted between 11 to 19 inches & 18 to 22 inches consecutively.

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