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Schwinn skip-3 balance bike allows for great learning of balance with confidence and independence for a toddler. This can be a smart option for your small kid according to our analysis. Not only this one but also Schwinn old model, Skip-2 & Skip-4 are the comfortable model among run bikes.

Schwinn trusted over the 125 years. The Pacific Cycle, In. established in 1895 in Chicago, Illinois, and their mission is to develop such a bicycle or two-wheelers that provide a confident & freedom riding user experience. This is the famous brand and Amazon bestseller product which provides a great value against your trusted investment. On the other hand, their bike shows attractive design along with the competitive requirement that will make a toddler happy.

Schwinn Skip-3 Balance Bike

Our readers, we don’t let to go to zero your valuable time. So,
first of all, you should read this portion, does it is either meaningful or not to you. We wrote here about Schwinn skip-3 balance bike reviews including much needful information such as price, pros & cons, size, material, warranty, buying option, and customers’ opinions, etc.

Schwinn-skip-3-balance-bike; Skip-3 balance-bike; skip-3;

At a Glance of Product Information:

  • Size: 12 Inches
  • Seat Height: 15” To 17”
  • Age Limit: 30 Months to 5 Years
  • Material: Steel
  • Wheel: Air Tire with painted rims
  • Warranty Type: Limited lifetime warranty
  • Weight: 9.8 lbs
  • Footrests: No
  • Price: $ 69 Only
  • Customers Review: 1153 Plus
  • Amazon Rating: 4.3 Out of 5
  • Our Rating: 8 Out of 10

Suitable for Whom: This is suitable for 2.5 years to 5 years older kids according to authority instruction.

Why it’s Excellent for You:

Tires- Skip-3 made by the 12” real rubber tire that inflated by air and you may know that air tires ensure smooth riding than foam tires. This is well qualified and fitted also so that the wheels don’t wobble or slip on the path during riding. As a result, the kid doesn’t get an injury and continues riding safely. Oh! One thing we forget to say, Air tire provides a long service than polymer or EVA tire and it’s beneficial rather than strider bike because of using foam tire in Strider 12 Sport balance bike.  On the other hand, Radio Flyer wooden bike has an air tire instead of EVA foam in the 12” segment run bike.

On the other hand, the manufacturer used painted rim instead of the ordinary rim into Skip-3 walking bike as a more advantageous. The painted rim protects from rust that holds usability for a long time. The painted rim can make attraction between your naughty child and the ride.

Schwinn-skip-3-balance-bike; Skip-3 balance-bike; skip-3;  

Durable Steel Frame- Yes! This is made of durable but lightweight steel frame and that’s why toddlers steer and control it easily. This is not only sturdy but also lighten bike ever so my 3 years older son enjoying his riding experience independently.

You have seen already in the picture that the frame is well painted that enhancing quality value and protect from optimistic rust for a long time.

Schwinn-skip-3-balance-bike; Skip-3 balance-bike; skip-3;

Adjustable Saddle Height- Seat is the central part against the question of comfortability. Hard and fixed seat is a logical barrier for freedom riding. But no tension, if you belong to a skip-3 because it has adjustable seat height option which can be adjusted according to your kid’s growing on. And the adjustable function can be done easily with a quick-release collar.

Schwinn-skip-3-balance-bike; Skip-3 balance-bike; skip-3;

Ball Bearing Headset & Light-weight Fork- Headset plays itself as a role for steering handlebar. Here ball-bearing headset means ball bearing presents into the headset to ensure its functioning smoothly.

In this, no-pedal skip-3 bike light-weight fork attached with the front wheel. Light-weight fork ensures lightness of the front wheel and keeps the light-weight of the whole bike.

Schwinn-skip-3-balance-bike; Skip-3 balance-bike; skip-3;

Trusted Brand- Trusted brand increase brand awareness according to the marketing language and we think it is logical also. Schwinn already passes a century and they didn’t compromise with their commitment and quality. Now time to look forward to what would be the next. The organization also shared all the customers dedicated and keep faith in innovative exploring that synonymous with the brand name “Schwinn”.

So it is clear, you may keep your belief like thousands of consumers and take a part of the proud customer community by purchasing a Schwinn Balance Bike.

Schwinn-skip-3-balance-bike; Skip-3 balance-bike; skip-3;


At a look of Product’s Strength & Weakness:


  • Light-weight durable steel frame
  • Adjustable seat grows with the kid
  • 12” air tire for smooth rolling
  • Quick-release collar for easy adjustment
  • Painted rim protect from rust
  • Padded seat for more comfort
  • Ball-bearing headset for smooth steering
  • Nice chrome steel handlebar
  • Foot to floor design to ensure freedom & confidence riding
  • Trusted brand since 1895


  • No footrest
  • Air tire need maintenance
  • Low-quality adjustable seat post clamp

We consider these as the Negative Sides:

No Ringing Bell- A real ringing bell doesn’t play any crucial role but
can add great fun to toddlers. The skip-3 hasn’t added ringing bell for enjoying the real fun. On the other hand, we saw the Radio Flyer Glide & Go Balance Bike adjoined a real chromic adult ringing bell for extra fun.

Schwinn-skip-3-balance-bike; Skip-3 balance-bike; skip-3;

No Footrest- We have known that ringing bell is not important for an easy way to learning riding but footrest is one of the important parts. But Schwinn skip-3 no-pedal bike has no footrest like Schwinn old balance bike. On the other way, footrest allows children’s legs for taking rest during riding and co-operate for gliding also.

Schwinn-skip-3-balance-bike; Skip-3 balance-bike; skip-3;

No Brake Function- No brake is attached to the skip-3 toddler balance bike for stopping the bike safely. A brake system especially hand brake prepares them mentally for the next traditional bike where they will face the brake function. Balance bike with brake is not mandatory for learning but ensures safety for releasing from pace.

Schwinn-skip-3-balance-bike; Skip-3 balance-bike; skip-3;

Other Trifles You should Know:

Warranty & Support- This is an awesome benefit for each customer, now a question arises in your mind “which is that?” That is lifetime
warranty support. It means if you are the real owner of a skip-3 pedal-free bike then you will get lifetime support from the manufacturer. Nevertheless, you have no tension for a lifetime because Schwinn takes all liabilities of your kid’s bike.

However, warranty and support don’t matter for the product it depends on the policy of dealer or manufacturer vary from case to case also. Consumer if you wanna know more about this issue then please visit the dealer or manufacturer website directly.

No Painful Footrest- Schwinn Skip-2, Skip-3 & Skip-4 haven’t irritable wide footrest like the Schwinn old model balance bike. We saw at Amazon a few numbers of customers claimed their kid’s leg got an injury from the edge of the footrest during walking with the old model.

Customers Feedback- To reach the potential consumer is the goal of every product. So customer value and positive user experience can be lead to the buying process.

And you will be glad to know that more than a thousand of happy customers share their review through Amazon. We found the average rating 4.3 where sturdiness for 4.6, easy to assemble for 4.6, and light-weight for 4.4 individually. So, have to show here the skip-3 bike high performed in 3 sections equally.

In the Bottom Line: Schwinn Skip-3 Balance Bike can be a better option for your lovely toddler despite lightweight, glassy paint and air tire for more traction. Schwinn brand is one of the accepted and trusted for their products and skip-3 is one of them.

So parents if you want to gain a challenging experience and thinking “how to teach bike riding to toddlers in an easy way” then this one would be the right option for you.

Hopefully, you will be agreed to us after purchasing the next balance bike. So, till then take care and bye…

Relevant Questions & Answers you may ask:

Q) Do the three skip models (Skip-2, Skip-3 & Skip-4) are the same in the frame?

A) No, there has a little bit of change among them. Skip-2 and Skip-3 are the same frames but Skip-4 is different with long for the wheelbase.

For your kind information, steel material used as the raw material of those 3 skip models.  

Q) Does Skip-3 is lighter than Skip-2?

A) Not at all. Moreover, Skip-2 is lighter than Skip-3 due to attaching foam tire and the Skip-3 model is slightly heavy than Skip-2 due to attaching air tire. But the weight difference is a very little bit.

Q) My Grandson is 2 years old, can he ride this bike?

A) The adjustable seat height of Skip-3 run bike is 15” to 17”. So it won’t be fit for 2 years older kid. This is suitable for 2.5 to 5 years old.  

But, your Grandson can ride the Schwinn skip-4 model because here the saddle height is 14.5″ to 17 “. So, it has the lowest distance from the ground which favorable for a younger child.

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