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Schwinn balance bike; schwinn skip; skip 2,3,4; schwinn bike; scwinn skip bike

Schwinn 12” Balance bike provides individual satisfactory user experience at the competitive price. It is a favorable bike for toddlers and can be the appropriate option at all; because toddler can be explored their learning experience in the very easiest way.

Brand Identity- First of all we are proud to introduce the American iconic brand Schwinn. The brand was invented by the Pacific Cycle In. This organization established in 1895 in Chicago. They hold a great responsibility as their mission & vision, they committed to adding a new creation regarding cycling which makes sure independency and confidence regarding cycling hobbies.

During their lifetime Schwinn gives their customers a nice and user-friendly model’s balance bike, those are Skip-1 (It’s called Schwinn original or old model also), Skip-2, Skip-3, and Skip-4 also.

Schwinn balance bike; schwinn skip; skip 2,3,4; schwinn bike; scwinn skip bike

Schwinn makes these 4 models included different features so that they can meet different family’s demands. Although the four models are approximately similar some micro differences appeared model wise individually. You will be able to know through our comparison chart below:

Schwinn 4 Model’s Comparison Chart


Schwinn old  Model

Skip 2

Skip 3

Skip 4

Age Range







Same to skip-3

Same to skip-2

A little bit larger than Skip-2 & 3


14 lbs

7.2 lbs

9.8 lbs

10.5 lbs

Wheel Type




& wider than other models


Yes but Accused




Release Seat Post

Yes but Erratic

Yes but Low Quality

Yes but Low Quality

Yes & well work

Saddle Height





Frame Material















First of all, you have to know the difference, similarity, pros, and cons among the Schwinn 4 models

Size: The first distinguish appear at our eyes is size matter. Because of size indicates fitness or toddler’s comfortability. Saddle height of Skip-2 & 3 is the same that is 15″-17″. But a little bit change in case of Skip-4 (14.5″-17″) and the old model is 14”-16.5”. For your kind
information, the lowest seat position of Schwinn waking bike is 13″ and highest is 16.5″ from the floor.

According to the saddle height measurement 2T-4T clothes children nicely to be fitted on those models except Skip 2 & Skip-3 although manufacturer-provided age recommendation 2y to 4 y older kids. But we see practically Skip-2 & 3 models can’t be fitted for 2T or 2 years old due to its lowest seat position would be a little high for 2 years, aged toddler.

Schwinn balance bike; schwinn skip; skip 2,3,4; schwinn bike; scwinn skip bike

Wheels- The wheel or tire size is the same for all those models, 12 inches. But tire type is a difference only. Air tires are used for three models and EVA foam tire is in the Skip-2 model only and that’s why this is lighter rather than the other three models.

On the other hand, air tire makes more attraction and ensure smooth moving. This is not only smooth but also long-lasting. Just have to inflate air and need maintenance some times. However, the air tire is heavy rather than a foam tire.

Although EVA foam tire is light-weight but creates less traction during riding and you have no trouble due to air inflation or maintenance.

Schwinn balance bike; schwinn skip; skip 2,3,4; schwinn bike; scwinn skip bikeFrame- The frame is an important factor for balance bike because it is related to weight and strength directly. There is nothing confusion Schwinn Skip-1, Skip-2, Skip-3, and Skip-4 frame made by the solid steel material.

Many customers want to know about the frame size or shape. Actually, Skip-2 and Skip-3 are the same sizes but Skip-4 is slightly longer and wheelbase is so on.

All of the frames are well polished which not only shining but also scratch-free according to Schwinn’s new models.

Schwinn balance bike; schwinn skip; skip 2,3,4; schwinn bike; scwinn skip bike

Footrest- Dear readers, we hope you have already known what is footrest? If no one knows then listen! The footrest allows for taking rest to the kid’s leg during riding fun. You will notice with included and excluded footrest, both types of balance bikes are selling in the market.

Schwinn’s old model has a wide footrest for taking footrest. But
this footrest was problematic due to its width according to customers’ complain. The users also accused the footrest hit the toddler’s leg during the walking time and kids can’t run with the bike easily which only reason was wide footrest.

We think for this reason manufacturer doesn’t add footrest in their next models like Skip-2, Skip-3, and Skip-4.

Schwinn balance bike; schwinn skip; skip 2,3,4; schwinn bike; scwinn skip bike

Quick-Release Seat Post Clamp- Quick-release clamp co-operate to adjust the saddle height according to your child. But if you saw your bike’s attached clamp is weak or lower quality then you can’t use it fluently and ultimately lose the faith in that respective brand.

You may see the quick release clamp present in the skip models but somewhere works well or somewhere works poorly.  We have known based on the feedback of users, the QRC works well in Only Skip-4 and the other models Skip-2 & 3, claimed by the purchasers that they could not move up-down smoothly and can’t hold the saddle at the right position while the kid ride on it. It’s mentioned that the used quick release clamp of Skip-2 & 3 is completely different versus skip-4.

Schwinn balance bike; schwinn skip; skip 2,3,4; schwinn bike; scwinn skip bike

Weight- Weight is one of the facts for the buying decision of a balance bike and it does vary from bike to bike.  For example, Schwinn 4 model’s balance bike weight is different. The lightest bike is Skip-2 which only 7.2 lbs. if you think you need a lighter bike for your tot then it can be a perfect option for you, but one thing keeps in mind it has foam wheel that unable to create more traction for smooth rolling.

On the other hand Skip-3 and 4, a little heavyweight than skip-2 and the weight is 9.8 and 10.5 lbs gradually, but this is good in a point of view for air tire that creates more traction for nice moving.

Bolts and Bearings- You may know dear readers there are many kinds of bolts are used in run bikes such as a flat bolt, round bolt, square bolt, and exposed bolts are mentionable among them. But one thing all bolts are not safe for the rider because of many bolts can injure kids and exposed bolt is one of them.

And real talk is the manufacturer used exposed bolts into the
Schwinn 4 models. Bearings are not sealed (Sealed means not covered for protection from dust) in skip models balance bike also, all are open.

Schwinn balance bike; schwinn skip; skip 2,3,4; schwinn bike; scwinn skip bike

Efficiency Design for Easy Learning- Schwinn offers great ergonomically and efficiency design at their balance bikes. The wheelbase seat post and handlebar stands on perfect measurement and maintains an accurate geometry also. As a result, a toddler can learn the easiest way of balancing and gliding step by step from the beginning.  

The new models of skip segments are nice aristocratic design.
Mind-blowing color with eye shaking shining able to make the kid-crazy and grab him with it for a long time.

In a word, the Pacific Cycle In. has tried to the amendment of their
old mode’s all conflicts into the new skip-2, 3 & 4 models such as
footrest, weight, paint, frame, etc.

Schwinn balance bike; schwinn skip; skip 2,3,4; schwinn bike; scwinn skip bike

Price Topicality- To the consideration of price it can say if you wanna give an excellent balance bike to your dearest son or daughter, you have to budget $ 100. So it’s cleared that Schwinn provides the 4 models balance bike under 85 dollars which meets your affordable budget ability contrary to a better bike.

Beloved guardian, If you wish, can read our another review 10 Best Balance Bike Under $ 100 for choosing the best one among them.

At a Glance of Strength and Fault of Schwinn :


  • The price is competitive and affordable
  • Durable steel frame
  • Lightweight (Skip-2)
  • Air tire for smooth riding (Skip-2 foam tire)
  • Foot to floor design for more confidence
  • Innovative design in BMX looks
  • Limited Lifetime warranty
  • Low center of gravity
  • Ball-bearing headset for smooth steering
  • Adjustable Handlebar grows with your toddler
  • The wide footrest allows taking rest of kid’s feet
    (Schwinn old model)
  • Colorful rim protect from rust
  • Easy assembly within 15 minutes
  • Various colors options with glassy paint
  • An American icon from 1895
  • Quick-release clamp for easy adjustment


  • Wide footrest cause for the scratching of toddler’s leg
  • Saddle attachment plastic clamp easy to broken
  • Customers claim QR clamps are poor quality in Skip-2 and 3 models
  • Expose bolts may injure toddlers during riding.

What are the Customers User Experience:

1.          Douglas Loveridge shared an opinion and reviewed 5
stars at Amazon.

She told me that she bought Skip-1 for her 2.5 years older sun and the kid does better with it. Douglas also compared the skip-1 with her son’s friend’s strider bike and found Schwinn is better rather than strider. She also shows some advantages from her own point of view. She said Skip-1 is durable due to heavier but this is not too heavy to control by her son easily,  our road is harsh and there is perfect for air rubber tire than strider’s foam tire.

Schwinn balance bike; schwinn skip; skip 2,3,4; schwinn bike; scwinn skip bike

She also revealed this only one problem that the paint got scratch easily. But my lovely son enjoys it regularly and learns to balance
efficiently so I never shocked if see tear or scratch on it.

2.        Chris shared valuable opinion and reviewed 5 stars at Amazon

Chris said “my daughter had ridden the bike from 1.5 years to 3.5
years and she loved it very much. She learned to balance within a couple of days and gliding very quickly without help”. The bike was lighter than other and air-inflated tire gave him fantastic traction for smooth riding. The kid rode it around the neighbors and nearest parks. Quick-release seat post clamp works fine for saddle adjustment. Chris bought a long seat post for the daughter while the kid grew up. Chris’s lovely daughter likes the purple color

Schwinn balance bike; schwinn skip; skip 2,3,4; schwinn bike; scwinn skip bike

3.        Keely Mattice reveal her opinion and reviewed 4 stars at Amazon

“Great Bike,” K Mattice said in a word regarding Schwinn’s applause. K Mattice also said the overall is good and his 1.5 years & 3 years older daughters like it very much. Just one thing the seam’s caps were missing when it came. Great paint Stubble and air tire very friendly for learning balancing with full confidence in an easy way.

Schwinn balance bike; schwinn skip; skip 2,3,4; schwinn bike; scwinn skip bike

4.        Whitney mentioned the user experience and reviewed 5 stars at Amazon

Whitney bought this balance bike for her son as a Christmas gift who is 3 years old and he loves it. Although he had a balance bike from his grandmom however he still loved it very much due to riding comfortability. The bike was as good quality as an expectation of Whitney. She is fond of it because it has the footrest for taking the rest of her son’s legs during balancing.

Whitney also highly recommends the SCHWINN BALANCE BIKE based on her personal happy user experience.

Schwinn balance bike; schwinn skip; skip 2,3,4; schwinn bike; scwinn skip bike 

5.        Steven H disclose his opinion and reviewed 2 stars at Amazon

The user experience was of S. H like these, two-unit of Swchinn was purchased for his two daughters but the saddle was completely damaged from one of them. He saw the plastic clamp of the seat (which holds the saddle with the seat post) was broken and didn’t able to use. He seemed the defect begun before packing for
shipping. He was slightly unhappy for this reason and claimed for the seat replacement to the seller.

Schwinn balance bike; schwinn skip; skip 2,3,4; schwinn bike; scwinn skip bike

In the Last Line- All the new models of Schwinn 12” balance bike
offer different features and benefits. However, skip models are better than older models according to our analysis. Skip-2 is light-weight than other and Skip-3 is slightly heavier with air tire for nonstop riding.

On the other hand, Skip-4 is the long frame on suitable wheelbase including a high-quality quick-release clamp that would be suitable between 2 to 4 years older children.

So dear parents we seem you can buy a Schwinn bike from the new skip models to take an innovative and confident taste, after all, if you need a toddler friendly and all-rounder balance bike at a competitive price right now.

Common Question and Answer about Schwinn:

Q) Does this come assembled?

A) It just comes in partially assembled in a medium box when shipped and you have to finish it. The rear wheel would be attached
with the frame, you need to attach front fork with the front wheel and the seat post. To finish the assignment you will need a 13mm/15mm wrench.

You will set up the front wheel and handlebar with the wrench but no need to adjust saddle height because it has a flip-lock that very easy to use.

Q) Is there any option to add pedals?

A) Not because this is a balance bike for learning how to balance and steer confidently. So there has no opportunity to make it pedal bike.

A child rides it first and while they can ride and glide this independently then he has to transfer to a pedal bike. It means this is the preparation stage for riding the pedal bike.

So, we can say confidently a pedal-free balance bike is the best alternative in case of learning balancing successfully.

Q) What are the manufacturer’s warranty and duration?

A) The manufacturer will support you regarding all the defects as long as it stays at the original buyer. The Schwinn provides a lifetime warranty on frame, limited lifetime warranty on parts, and 30 days warranty on wearable parts.

To know more you can visit directly the manufacturer website by clicking this link

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