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Radio-Flyer-Balance-BikeRadio Flyer balance bike is often the proper option of your kid for a way to walking running & gliding confidently. Toddlers are a beginner and it’s vital to select the acceptable balance bike for them in order that they will earn tons of fun and ready to learn balancing, coordination, steering & gliding within a brief time. We recommend you to pick such a kind of two-wheelers which will make ready the toddler for the transition to a pedal bike.

Notwithstanding, Radio Flyer Balance bike has some imperfection but it is often a buddy of your kid from overall judgments. Each different model with different features consistent with toddler needs. The models are All-terrain, Classic, Sport & wooden also. All of the models hold particular features that you simply may like for the baby. We mentioned similar other brands Schwinn, Strider, Gomo & Chicco for your comparison.

Beloved reader, we seem, you’ve got revealed the wish for the two-wheelers and search online and that’s why we’ve written an informative review for showing respect of your wishes. We’ve tried extremely to represent all the pros & cons of the balance bike and hopefully, it’s going to assist you to succeed in an efficient decision. Just you read the article attentively which takes only 7 minutes.

At a Glance of Radio Flyer Glide & Go Balance Bike:

  • Size: 12 Inches
  • Age Limit: 30 Months to 5 Years
  • Frame: Sturdy Steel Frame
  • Tire: Foam Tire/Air Tire
  • Weight Capacity: 50 lbs (maximum)
  • Weight: 6.1 To 9.55 lbs
  • Footrests: No
  • Price: $ 30 To $ 50 Only
  • Buyers Review: 587 Plus
  • Amazon Rating: 4.6 Out of 5
  • Our Rating: 9 Out of 10

Suitable for Whom: The boys & girls who are between 30 months to 5 years old, this age limitation manufacturer mentioned in their instruction. On the opposite hand, you measure your kid’s inseam. If found its but 17 inches then it might be fit otherwise greater than 17 inches won’t match to him. The utmost weight capacity 50 lbs confine mind also.

Why it’s Excellent to Us:

Tire & Wheel- Wheels are important functioned elements of two-wheelers and also important to understand what sorts of tires used here. The Radio Flyer glide & go included all models are made by 12” traction tread foam tier but the sole all-terrains model is exceptional; it had been made by air inflated tire which hugs the road tightly and ensures smooth riding for fun.

Except for this, foam tire can’t create traction the maximum amount because the manufacturer said. Moreover, some guardians claimed it’s unable to figure on the now horizontal surface confidently. Foam tire has more possibility to slide during riding time versus air tire.

Therefore, foam tires ensure lightweight and light-weight is one of the good features of a perfect balance bike contrary to the air wheel. The air wheel ensures wobbling free riding but weighted than foam tire. Because it filled by air and you recognize “Air has weight” consistent with science.

Summary, both of the wheels have positive & negative impacts. If you select one and another need to sacrifice. If you wish air tire they will welcome to weight and if you wish the froth tire then you’ll get the light-weighted bike.


Real Ringing Bell- Radio Flyer All-terrain balance bike model has attached a real ringing bell for extra fun apart from the wooden bike. The chrome bell not only adds fun but also co-operate to fill adult bike’s feelings. It is a source of great fun. It’ll be an additional opportunity to make an interest in learning riding.


Durable Steel Frame- Frame may be a prime a part of a balance bike with none confusion. The strong steel frame ensures long-lasting as you’ll. Remember, frame not only ensure durability but also make sure the safety of toddlers; because it keeps jointed all parts together and results in function them smoothly. Two sorts of the frame can see into the radio flyer balance bike one is steel frame and another is wooden. Both are suitable but the steel metallic frame is remaining ahead.


Adaptable Saddle- Saddle is vital within the case of fitting perfectly.
If the tot can’t fill comfort thereon then he is going to be disinterested to ride and therefore the commodious facility of this bike the seat is adjustable. It is often adjusted by a fast release clamp within a flash and you no need any tools to try to that.

The seat is going to be increased up to 18 inches and reduce up to 14 inches. The saddle height has matched as per manufacturer age recommendation. The post is additionally well-cushioned so can kids fill extra comfort to take a seat for an extended time.

Trusted Brands- Dear reader, do you know? Radio flyer is one of the trusted brands in Europe since 1917. At the start time, they started their journey with Radio Flyer wagon manufacturing. Nowadays they’re producing a lot of standard class balance bikes along with Radio Flyer wagon with Canopy, Radio Flyer Path Finder Wagon, Radio Flyer Steel & Wood Wagon, Radio Flyer Tricycle & many rides on toys for kids. Already the corporation celebrated its century for the business period.

So you’ll keep the trust like thousands of consumers and make a sale their product radio flyer pedal free bike.

At a look of Product’s Pros & Cons:


  • Durable steel frame.
  • An adjustable seat grows together with your child.
  • Soft cushioned seat post for extra comfort.
  • Added real ringing bell for extra fun.
  • Air tire ensures wobbling free & smooth riding.
  • Soft handgrip cares tot’s tippy fingers.
  • Walk run & glide in one bike.
  • Standard featured bikes at affordable prices.
  • Trusted brand since 1917


  • No footrest.
  • Need to maintenance for air tire.
  • The frame is heavy.

We regard these as the Negative Side:

Tire- Foam or polymer tire is light weighted tire; it’s true but not for
long-lasting. It can tear or scratch easily. Without it, the froth tire doesn’t provide enough traction on all surface claims many purchasers and that we think, the lightweight is liable for that insufficiency. Though the air tire has some benefits it’s still a weighted wheel. So once you think to shop for the radio flyer balance bike with air or foam tires then must consider the matters.


Heavy Steel Frame- Steel frame is durable there was no confusion but heavy than an aluminum frame. As a result, it’s going to difficult to regulate for toddlers. The steel frames are often attacked by rust if you fail to take care of properly.

No Foot Rest- The footrest is important for gliding but not attached
to the present bike. So toddler’s legs can’t take rest during gliding time. As a result, they fill pain rapidly in their legs.


Ringing Bell- The ringing bell is little and sometimes it can’t serve for an extended time. Few consumers shared their bad experience that the insider spring which shrinks for ringing was a tear or damaged after a few months.

Not Fit for Younger Toddlers- In reality, the Glide & Go Radio Flyer
Balance bike not suitable for younger toddlers due to the saddle height. Many grandparents or parents may interest to shop for this one thanks to the low price where maximum standard brands start their product price quite that. However, never pip out for your tot who is around 18 months because it’s going to be big for them.

Other Trifles You should Know:

Customers Review- Customer’s feedback or report shows a product’s
consumption power. So, we expect the factor is considerable also for a buying decision process. We have found quite 594 consumers put their user experience against the Radio flyer glide bike and therefore the maximum consumer says this is often good for them who need a well-featured bike at this price index.

Warranty & Support- Already you’ve got known dear reader that warranty validity always varies from case to case and products. If you would like to understand regarding your purchasing product’s warranty service then read the vendor’s warranty terms or conditions otherwise you can contact the manufacturer via visiting their website directly consistent with the seller advice.

Without this, you’ll send an email to the Amazon service division to understand individually that support. However, during this case, you’ve got to say the merchandise name size style and merchandise page’s URL also within the email.

Price Relevancy- Price often creates extra enthusiasm for purchase. The worth is just too affordable to form comfortable each purchase. Actually, during this quite a price index, you didn’t see any standard balance bike.

You will see the worth of Radio Flyer Balance Bike from $ 30 to $ 50 at apart from the wooden model. If you buy this one you’ll be ready to enjoy maximum core benefits with a minimum investment.

In the Last Line: Radio Flyer balance bike roughly choice by the
purchasers and gain mentionable user experience. This is often an exquisite solution for your buddy’s walking running and gliding also with great confidence.

The bike is often selected to offer 30 months to 5 years older kids who have an interest in learning without wobbling & frustration.

Beloved grandparents or parents, the worth is under your minimum budget and therefore the bike is benefited. So you’ll judge it in realistic by giving one to tot. Hopefully can say you never loser thanks to making this small investment, moreover, it’ll play an important role to form ready toddler for next pedal bike.

3 Relevant Questions & Answers you may ask:

Q) What’s the space between the saddle lowest position and therefore the floor?

A) We watch in many reviews and saw somewhere mention 13 inches and somewhere 14 inches accordingly. So I can say it might be around 14 inches. Because the 12 inches bike is probably going found this sort of distance often.

For your kind information, the seat height is around 17 inches from top position.

Q) What sort of tire utilized in it?

A) The manufacturer used two sorts of the tire in it, one is air tire and another is foam. Maximum consumers like air tire for more traction and smooth riding.

Foam tire is lightweight and no harassment to air inflation but it’s a touch slippery for unpaved surface thanks to low traction consistent with the user comments.

Q) My buddy is 4 years old and weighs 48 lbs, can he ride the bike?

A) Radio Flyer Glide & Go balance bike made for 2.5 years to 5 years
consecutively and maximum weight capacity 50 lbs. So your lovely buddy can ride it consistent with the instructions.

But we’ve got a paltry confusion that the load capacity is 50 lbs and your buddy is 48 lbs, it maybe won’t suitable after a few months.


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