Radio Flyer All-Terrain Steel & Wood Wagon: Ever Best Choice for on & off Road Riding


Radio Flyer all terrain wood & steel wagon

This is one of the best and unparallel wagons for all-terrain riding. It can moves on the rough or sandy or rocking road without barrier. That’s why many of the parents are fans of this wagon.

Kids also like to ride on this wagon due to sufficient space to sit relax. Amazon’s bestseller & award-winning Radio Flyer All-Terrain Steel & Wood wagon fully satisfied kids and able to achieve the trust of all parents.

So dear parents no more lately; we have well-tried to write a full review about Radio Flyer 36″ All-Terrain Steel & Wood wagon including very crucial information.

Radio Flyer 36″ All-Terrain Steel & Wood Wagon

This is the best combination of steel & wood.

Radio Flyer all terrain wood & steel wagon

Age Obligations: There is nothing strictly obligations regarding age, so any older kids can ride it if he or she would be weight under 200 lbs (weight capacity 200 lbs).  However, we found a resource page that 18 months above kids are suitable for this wagon according to
manufacturer instruction.

Why It’s a Great Choice for You:

Scratchy Tire for All Terrains- 10” scratchy jumbo tires make sure to smooth riding on all terrains like sea beach, concrete, muddy, grasses or any on & off-road equally.

The high-quality rubber tires filled by air will be comforted for
kids riding also. We like the tires much in spite of expectable feedback.

The jagged tires have one more facility that is no slipping during the raining. This is why to say the wagon is fit for all terrains.

Radio Flyer all terrain wood & steel wagon

Two Ways Usability- It can be used in two ways which prefer parents and kids both. One of them is a fantastic wagon for riding in it because it is deep and more space to sit in a comfortable position. So kids fill not only comfort but also safe from falling while riding.

And another option it can be used as cargo for goods hauling between places. Due to wooden slides, it creates massive space in-depth and can bring a lot of toys or goods or cloths to the nearest destination.

Radio Flyer all terrain wood & steel wagon

Spotless Wooden Slides- The spotless solid wooden slides make it an amazing & effective wagon for choice. Wooden slides make it cargo wagon due to depth and allow hauling huge quantity.

Wooden slides are removable also. You may know dear parents the
wagon is combined between slides & classic steel red wagon. So while you remove the slides then it will be the classic red wagon completely. It means you will use it as a classic wagon by removing slides anytime.

Radio Flyer all terrain wood & steel wagon

Seamless Body- The steel constructed seamless body provides furnished looks and safe toddlers’ tippy fingers from injury. It provides comfort and co-operates to enjoy a lot of fun. The edges are seamless also. So that children can catch the body without hurts.

Well, polished red steel body and solid wooden slides make its classic design. The wagon’s body too durable to use a long time which made by pure steel & wood.

Radio Flyer all terrain wood & steel wagon

Award Winner Wagon- This is the good wagon that provides excellent performance and proved in front of respective authority. That’s why the wagon achieved the “National Parenting & Publications Award” as the confession of its performance & loyalty.

The well-featured wagon not only gained the mentioned award but also won the “Early Childhood News Director’s Choice Award”. And this is cleared, which wagon achieved the award on behalf of acknowledgment this is loyal & user-friendly product.

I am pleased with it while I give it to my son on his birthday and gain awesome satisfaction with fantastic family fun accordingly.

Radio Flyer all terrain wood & steel wagon

Perfect for Vacation Fun- People generally want to go to the natural place for spending idle time with family as vacation and kids are too. It will not only recreate but also refresh them to move ahead. But an appropriate wagon makes the trip more enjoyable with toddlers.

The Radio Flyer 36” All-Terrain Steel & Wood Wagon is a perfect
rider for adding family fun. This is specially made for riding on all types of ground; it may either on or off-road all are suitable to it.

We know usually the natural place or tourist places are not riding
friendly always and that’s why the wagon is perfect for vacation tours.

We hope it will explore huge family fun with your kids at your next family vacation tour confidently.

Radio Flyer all terrain wood & steel wagon

Pros & Cons:


  • ·      Perfect to ride at all-terrains.
  • ·       A great combination of steel & wood.
  • ·       10” Rugged air tires allow comfort riding.
  • ·       No gliding wheel ensures safely riding during raining.
  • ·       Solid wooden slides allow for hauling huge quantities.
  • ·       It can be used as a classic red wagon while removing wooden slides.
  • ·       All steel construction not only durable but also long-lasting.
  • ·       Surplus long handle easy to pull and fold under for storage.
  • ·       The control turning radius protects from tipping.
  • ·       The classic design you may like.
  • ·       Award-winning successful wagon for kids.
  • ·      Competitive & budget-friendly price according to the product.


  • ·      Air inflated wheels can be punctured at any time.
  • ·       The wagon cannot fold; so not to easy to carry.
  • ·       Rubber tires need to inflate air & maintenance sometimes.
  • ·      Need tools to assemble.

Regarding product Dimension & Weight: We seem product sizing
information is too important to gain a transparent concept about the product. Since we like to inform you, the product dimension is
37.2 x 18.5 x 9.5 inches. The product weight is 29 lbs while shipping weight 34.4 lbs respectively. For your kind information, the item model number is 32Z.

What is Customer’s Feedback? This is very glad to say that huge numbers of customers shared their positive opinion on behalf of that product. We have seen 1775 above happy users provide an average rating of 4.4 out of 5 through and our experts provide 9.5 scores out of 10 based on performance & acceptances accordingly.

What would be the Price? Price means the sales value of a product and it is important to make the buying decision also. The mentioned
product’s estimated price is $ 88.99 at and we think the price is not only affordable but also competitive.

Warranty & Support: The warrant or guaranty is the after-sale service from the respective manufacturer or seller. Mainly the
manufacturer provides this type of support. Remember warranty service is not applicable for all products and it may vary from case to case.

So, first of all, you have to know that your product is either warranted or not at all. If you wanna know regarding this matter, in
fact, all kinds of inquiries about your buying product then you will contact the manufacturer directly. In this case, you can write an e-mail to the respective manufacturer or can visit their website.

Dear parents if you interested to know regarding Radio Flyer 36″ All-Terrain Steel & Wood wagon’s warranty & support, please click here to reach your destination.

In the End Suggestion- Hope! You know better after reading our review. We know everything has a strong & weak side; so this product is not beyond this truth. However, the strong sides are
stronger than weakness. That’s why we highly suggest purchasing it.

On the other hand, this wagon is all the needful & satisfactory features included such as two ways usability, 10″ scratchy air tires fit
all plat, durable steel construction and turning radius prevention, etc. In a word, the reviewed wagon will full fill your demand and satisfy your kids by performing and riding fun honestly.

Dear reader if your mind wants to buy or to see the latest price offer of this one then please click here to go to the product detailed page without any confusion.

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