How to Teach a Kid to Ride a Bike in 30 Minutes | 3 magical Techniques


how to teach kid to ride bike

How to Teach a Kid to Ride a Bike? This question arises in the parents’ mind at first while they thinking about toddlers biking. Maximum parents try to find out teaching school or a third party to solve it. But we can say confidently parent should take this responsibility; because you will get the satisfactory result from here, on the other hand, little kid fills very comfort and safety with you. This has experimented with realistic.

This is the jolly and exciting moment for kids and bike lovers’ parents while learning to ride a balance bike. It was proven that the kid should practice with a balance bike before riding a pedal bike. Isla Rowntree, founder of famous & successful children’s bike Islabikes says, first of all, parents need to give a balance bike to practice balancing gliding and steering before the pedal bike. 

Does important a Training wheel or any other supporting else?

No, never need a training wheel in case of learning to ride a balance bike at all. Because if you add a training wheel into the balance bike then your toddlers will be dependent on that training wheel. So he or she takes more time for learning or may not realize the core of balancing. However, you support them if needed some times.

We assist parents to provide proper guidelines for how to learn their kid to riding easily safely & perfectly. There are many types of learning methods; we want to discuss 3 types of popular techniques thoroughly.

We are going to discuss the 3 magical techniques thoroughly for “how to ride a bike safely easily & perfectly in 30 minutes only “step by step that you never heard before.

Dear readers if you read this article you will be able to know the innovative strategy for learning in case of children riding lessons. We also want to tell you if it seems it’s irrelevant for you, and then you read the whole article too. Because knowledge can always help you in a crucial situation.

Step-1, Get Ready to Ride the Bike-

Decide if Your Kid is Ready to Ride- First of all, parents can be sure that their kids are reach in proper age to learning bike riding. Most of the kids can take this challenge from 18 months aged. But this certainty varies from child to child to their enthusiasm, talent & physical fitness.

Choose a Suitable Area- In this stage, you need to find out a riding
friendly place that should be quiet a riding friendly also. It may be a park or sub street or field. However, we suggest choosing a little grassy ground instead of concrete. Because children are learning to balance they are not skilled rider, so they can fall during the learning period. If they fall on the concrete instead of grass they will injure and hart. So, an appropriate place is an important factor for learning strategy. You should always try to consider a kid’s choice on a priority basis.

Pick an Appropriate Bike- One of the most important factors is to choose a suitable bike size for your kid. Suppose a bike you choose for a kid that is weighted to the rider, what happens then? Then the rider can’t control the crucial balance and fall haphazardly.

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You must focus some things while choosing a bike for your kid like wheel size, saddle & handlebar height according to toddlers inseam, also footrests need to allow relaxation of kid’s tippy legs, bike weight should be 10%-15% of kid’s weight. Remember a perfect balance bike reaches you to half of the completion of the mission.

Acquaint to Different Parts- Though somebody ignores this we highly suggest to acquaint with a different type of parts to your child. Think of your lovely kid knows about part of the bike then he or she fill pretty well to use it like a wheel, brake, handlebar, saddle, footrests, and bell, etc.

Properly Set Up the Bike- In this stage need to set up the bike according to your child. For example, saddle height adjusts as per child inseam and the handlebar would be the same. The bike tire is properly air inflated and the brake is also workable etc. Except for this, you
must check up all kinds of nuts bolts screw as a responsible parent to make sure those are authentically attached in the right way.

Wearing Helmet- This is a good practice in case of riding two-wheelers. This practice makes the habitual task when tots are growing up. On the other hand, the helmet protects the head from falling injury during riding time. You should care while wearing a helmet that must be properly set up with head otherwise loose or crank helmet can fail to protect your kid’s head.

Tie Safety-Guard- Knee-Guard is another safety element of the learning riding. Knee & elbow-Guard also protect the baby’s knee and hand from injury. It can say this type of protection increase toddler’s confidence to go ahead, found from our experiment.

Clothing- Kid’s riding dress up or clothing on a kind of important issue to us. A tight dress makes obstacles to ride attentively and that’s why always wear your kid crank dress while riding. Not only dress but also focus their conformability, it may be a dress or anything else.

Informing Some Basic Tips- If you share some basic tips & tricks with a kid then the task would be easier. Like how to sit on the saddle, be straight the backbone, put the hands-on the right place, always look front and never take it as pressure, however, take as a fun, etc.

Rewarding Strategy- Rewarding strategy means those children are not interested in taking that lesson; you can arrange a rewarding policy to influence them. 

Regarding this matter, I share my own experience which gains from my son Zarif. He was indifferent at the beginning time. He was neither enthusiastic nor attend regularly to the learning.

Then I invent the miracle idea. My son was fond of candy. I apply this option.  I offered him candy as a condition; if he rides the bike half an
hour daily then he will get a lot of candy as a reward. This strategy makes him a skilled bike rider.

Step-2, Start Learning to Ride the Bike- Dear Parents now we are going to inform you of the core of learning three methods which will easier and effective and allow to ride the bike within a short time.

Technique 1, Bedsheet or Towel Method

What do you need in this method? You need a bed sheet or a beach towel, a child and a suitable bike. This smart learning method brings good results for 2 years or above according to practical experiment.

Stage 1- First of all, you will remove the training wheels or any supporting else. Let the child sit on the bike saddle as comfortable and place his feet to the ground smoothly.

Stage 2- You bring a bed sheet or beach towel and flatten it after that wrap it around his chest as much as tightly because it uses as harness and twists the bed sheet a couple of times on backbone.

Stage 3- Now hold the bed sheet in your hand because we will use it as a harness or instead of holding the bike. Remember you hold the cloth tightly otherwise you can’t rescue the child from falling.

Stage 4- It comes time to start moving. The learner moves bike by feet and you will be always behind the learner for waiting to hold up from unbalancing. Like this, you will continue safety, easily and perfectly learning for only 30 minutes.

Stage 5- By applying this method your child never falls from bike and learning will be three times faster than the traditional learning method. We hope you will be very happy after using this magical method and also inform your relatives & friends about that method.

Dear parent, we are going to crystal clear the method by this video. If have a little confusion about any information then please watch the video to understand thoroughly.

Technique 2, Stick or Wooden Rod Method

If you follow this method you need an extra 4/5 feet long round stick or dowel rod beside the bike and child. This magical learning method would be perfect for 1 to 2 years older kids.

Stage 1- At first at the same way you put off the training wheels and saddle too. Yeas dear parent you are listening to the right thing, you must remove the saddle from the bike. Because the stick will go in the saddle dowel rod.

Stage 2- Now you go to a hardware store with the released saddle to find out the same altar’s dowel rod that must be enterable to the respective position. It means the saddle placement diameter would be adjusted by the divided dowel rod.

Stage 3- In this stage, you wrap the apex with sufficient tape so that the dowel rod can joint tightly with the whole. You hold up another pinnacle portion to control the bike balance.

Stage 4- Now call your child and keep him on the bike and let him move. At this moment you see the benefit of that method, your lovely child is moving and also you are moving withholding the dowel rod. Because you will keep balance no sooner had a child fallen to down.

Stage 5- At last, your child steers, walk and ride without fear due to your safety balancing. On the other hand, your child may disinterest in learning riding before. But now he gains confidence and found fun for riding by using this method.

This is the magical method too. Dear bike lover parent you will be more confident in spite of this effective funky method.

One thing remembers due to put off the saddle and replace by the dowel rod your child can’t sit, just can walk to learn.

Technique 3, Simple Method

This is an ancient & simple method in the response to learning riding. It can say truly although it takes more time but effective.  The big benefit of this method you no need anything surplus except the bike. The dear reader explained the method step by step below.

This type of simple method you can try for those children who are more than 20 months old.

Let to Sit & Walk with the Bike- This is the first step where you help the starter to sit on the bike properly such as you hold the bike’s handle strongly so that the bike can‘t fall left or right.

Your kid now sits on the saddle and then let him walk slowly. This walking will be continuing and move fast day by day to get better progress.

Let to use Foot to Push the Bike- In this stage influence toddlers to push the bike on foot. They will get the core confidence by using their foot. This task began to start riding very fast.

Alternate Using Both of Feet to Push the Bike- It comes to the time to alternate use both legs for pushing forward. The toddler goes one step ahead of learning while they use both legs for pushing continuously. The parent you support him always, never let him go alone.

Hold Both Eyes to forwarding and Glide- Teach the kids to keep their sight to ahead and try to glide nonstop. Now they are entering the nearest to final stages to be the skilled rider. The will be gliding by feet on the learning street. But dear parent you let him go free but be alert to catch him any critical situation always.

Slow Down and Stopping- This is the last or finishing stage of the simple learning method. In this stage, kids will learn how to slow down the bike and come to a complete stop safely. Because it’s most important to ensure stop the bike with slow speed.

Kids are often used their feet or hand brake for coming stop position. But this is not so difficult; if your kid may able to glide continuously then he must know how to stop the bike gently. This process will be running till to the skilled level.

Last Words: Dear parents, a bit of important advice to you, if you are
enthusiastic to see your kids riding a balance bike fluently then you must provide your valuable company and labor also, otherwise, it may create an odd situation. Remember there is no alternate way to practice more & more. So, you can boost your teaching mission by our 3 magical techniques and hopefully we have solved your responsibility that how to teach a child to ride a bike easily, safely & rapidly.

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