How to Put together of your Kid’s Balance Bike Easily | Step by Step Instructions

Balance bike assemblyBalance bike assembly is the first thinking before riding or learning. Parents face this type of responsibility after purchasing the balance bike. Sometimes dealers or sellers provide the assembly service as a sales service, they put together all of the separate parts and give you the ready bike to ride. Often we found the dealers & bike companies give excellent assemble total complete bike to you, however you have to pay the additional shipping charges for the big parcel.

How to Put Together of Your Balance Bike Easily!!!

Toddlers balance bike assembly is not the difficult works, any adult can do it easily within a few times. All of the manufacturers provide the assembly manual and user guide in the box along with the product. People follow it and get ready for the bike for riding. Also, you will find the respective dealer’s the customer care contact number or information in the manual book for getting help regarding this matter.

Due to make easier this work we are going to inform you clearly and provide a proper assembly guideline in this article. So read the whole article attentively. We are trying to crystal clear your hesitation or confusion if anything else.

STRIDER 12 SPORT/CLASSIC Assembly Instructions Step by Step

Below we have written STRIDER 12 SPORT OR CLASSIC balance bike assembly instructions with video reference for you and hope you will be benefitted from this article.

Dear parents’ one thing should be cleared that the STRIDER 12 SPORT and STRIDER 12 CLASSIC balance bike follow the approximately same assembly instruction as provided. So if you follow the below instructions, you can put together both of them.


Unboxing and Acquaint Different Parts- First of all, you need to open
the box which you purchase from the dealer. Remember you never kept hurrying in your mind in the whole process. I do, they may damage parts before setting.

After opening the intact box you will find body frame attached with rear-wheel & saddle, front fork attached with the front wheel, a handlebar, a cupped fork washer, a flat washer, and a handlebar clamp.

You will need a 5mm Allen wrench only tools for tightening as required. You never forget to remove the Hub cap along with whole packing materials.


Front Wheel Setup- Now take the front wheel attached fork and put the cupped fork washer properly. Then the front fork inserts into the tube hole of the mainframe or appropriate place till the indicated position with accuracy and makes sure that both parts are attached on the right way.


Handlebar Setup- In this step, you need to attach the handlebar with the frame. Before inserting the handlebar you put the flat washer on the frame’s hole and then put again the handlebar clamp on the right position.

Now the handlebar inserts into the tube hole smoothly as if nothing to create any hampering there. Now take your Allen wrench and tighten the handlebar clamp according to requirement. But be alert that never tighten as much as it makes it hard to steer.


Seat Adjustment- Though the saddle adjusted with the frame, although it needs to check out adjustability according to proper geometry. Ensure the seat established appropriately according to toddlers inseam. Then tighten the saddle clamp by Allen wrench.

At the sitting position, the kid’s feet will place should be flat on the ground with a slight bend in their knee.


Overall Justifications- After all of them now make a justification finally it is perfect or not. Looks thoroughly over the bike and especially watch from front view straightly, if see handlebar and saddle are seem nice and well tightened then let the toddler go on it.

Dear parents always remember the saddle height will be adjusted proportionately to the handlebar height, It means they run in conjunction with each other. If the seat is down then the handlebar should be way down and if the seat is up then the handlebar should be up accordingly.

CROCO Assembly Instructions Step by Step

CROCO balance bike is one of the most popular bikes in the market. A large number of bikes sold annually. So it needs to assemble for them who is the purchaser of this bike and this is also an easy process to assemble perfectly.


Unboxing and Introduction with the Toolkit & Different Parts- As like before parents need to unboxing the Croco bike from the packing the box. While opening it you will see a manual guide book along with other toolkit and parts.

The different parts are the mainframe attached with the rear wheel, a front fork connected with the front wheel, a handlebar, and a seat. Parents also see two flat washers, two cupped washers, and two quick-release or clamp as a toolkit.

Please take an Allen wrench as a tool for tightening which provided. Remove the hub caps from wheel nuts before starting the assembly process.


Attachment the front wheel- As usual the front wheel with the fork adjoins to the mainframe tube. At first, one flat washer put the top of the front fork then put one cupped washer accordingly. After that inserts the fork tube into the frame hole carefully.


Attachment the Handlebar- In this step put another flat washer on a certain place and then put another cupped washer too. You also put the quick release clamp top of it. Now can attach the handlebar that means the handlebar going to enter into the tube in a gentle mode and finally done it.


Attachment the Saddle- The kid’s saddle stored in the box but not attached to the mainframe like STRIDER or any other. You have to connect it to the frame tube.

Here’s the same process as before firstly put another quick release or clamp top on it and then insert the saddles proportionately. Make sure the seat minimum level inserted perfectly.


Adjust the Saddle & Handlebar according to toddler- Now you will adjust the seat and handlebar as your toddler’s requirement by screwing clamps. You will do this work by Allen wrench. Always use the quick release in case of releasing the saddle.


Finishing Touch- Now watch attentively to make sure that all parts are
connected nicely and well tightened. The seat and handlebar are facing straight and looking nice. Everything is filling a flexible and riding friendly position. Now can declare, your lovely CROCO is ready to go. For further clarification contract to “”

BIXE Bike Assembly Instructions Step by Step

BIXE Bike is a great feature and light-weighted balance bike for toddlers. This is not only a well brand but also a popular bike among parents. So, we are trying to provide the proper assembly guideline for BIXE lover parents below.


Box Opening and Identity of the Toolkit & Different Parts- Dear BIXE lovers you will be able to see some parts after unboxing, such as aluminum main frame or body, two wheels, a seat post and a front fork along with a manual book or assembly instruction.

You also see two quick-release clamps, two flat washers, and two cupped washers as toolkits.

Please remove all of the packing materials from parts carefully to start the assembly process.

You also take an Allen wrench and a small wrench as a tool for tightening which provided from the manufacturer and remove the hub caps from wheel nuts before starting the assembly process.


Front Fork Attachment- Dear starts your assembly now and put the cupped washers in both holes of the frame by a little hitting with palm. After that puts those two flat washers on them by hands and then insert the front fork in the tube hole. Make sure there have no wobblers between them.


Handlebar Setup- In this stage need to attached the handlebar. So put the quick release clamp top on it before inserting the handlebar. Take the handlebar and insert it in a certain place smoothly.

After that tighten the clamp as needed and make sure no wobbling between the setup if wobbling then makes a little twist by Allen wrench for proper establishment.


Seat Post Setup- BIXE couldn’t provide a saddle attached frame within the delivery parcel. So that, its need to adjoin with frame. To do complete the process you put the quick release clamp top on frame tube firstly, then insert seat post into it and be sure it’s nice & straightly seated so on. Now tighten clamp screw by Allen wrench according to your adjustment. That’s it simple!


Wheel Setup- Now has come to the moment of important portion wheel attachment. Your bike’s handlebar and the saddle are well set upped. So now you are going to putting the wheels.

First of all, overturn the frame on the table or like this. Then lose the hub bolts, washers from both sides and take off. Now put the wheel in the right place with accuracy. You must check the wheel’s quality to be sure it’s punctured or splinter or damage-free at all before putting it.

After putting the wheel again keep the safety bolts and washer top on the wheel bearing. Tight both bolt by provided small wrench as much as a need to fix up.

In this way, you set up both wheels. Now the spin wheel is it rounding without barrier, if need a little adjustment then lose or tight by a small wrench and do it.


Safety Check-Up- At last it is very important to check up whole the assembly thoroughly. Now flip it over. The handlebar and seat are nicely aligned and no wobbling, if fill problem then tightens to fix problem provided the Allen wrench and make sure all the attachment properly defects less.

We think everything is well finished off your assembly, and then your BIXE is ready to go. I hope your toddler will be happy with this bike.

ENKEEO Balance Bike Assembly Instructions Step by Step

ENKEEO is such a type of comfortable bikes at affordable prices. It is included brake, adjustable seat, handlebar, pneumatic tire, also stickers and many more features.

However, a little challenge can face while you will go to assemble it. Because many tiny assemble kits are included in the assembly plant.

And that’s why we try to make your assembly process friendly from challenging steps by following our assembly instructions. Ok, let’s go to see what is hard or easy to put together.


Box opening and Acquaint to the parts- Hey dear! You have known that at first, you have to open the box with a knife. After opening the box you found a front fork attached wheel, the mainframe attached itself rear wheel, plastic & protective caps with nut-bolts.

You will see also another packet where a wrench to tighten, a user manual to know important indications and some type of warranty card or customer thank you satisfaction card.

Please remove all packing materials and bubble wraps from the different parts before assembly.


Front-wheel Attachment- First of all, to be a joint front wheel with frame and for this purpose, you put the ring with the nut on the mainframe. Then put the quick release clamp, all right now insert the handlebar and last tighten the clamp as a requirement.

Make sure during handlebar setup that the minimum indication inserted in the tube and it properly aligned.


Seat Post Attachment- Ok! Let’s go to connect the seat with the bike. So put another plastic clamp on the specific place which allotted for seat post-placement. Now you wanna place the saddle or seat post and be sure it inserted till the minimum indication sign.

Ok fine, now adjust the seat post according to your kid’s by release clamp or you can take the help of the provided tools.


Last Checking- Fantastic… you have finished putting together all of the parts. Now, you need to check up while everything is alright or need a bit of adjustment.

Ensure the seat and handlebar are straightly front-facing and all are well aligned also. The handlebar is tightened but free to steer right or left. Both wheels are rounding smoothly without obstacle. If needed a little engagement of your hand, please do it. Now you can say after successful assembly that your ENKEEO 12″/14″ is ready for riding with your toddler.

Bottom Line- Actually nothing is impossible by a human. So you & me we are not beyond this and kid’s balance bike is easier to assemble too. Just an adult will wish and follow our Instruction; we hope he or she will be able to do it successfully.

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