Best Chillafish Balance Bike Reviews

Chillafish balance bike reviews

Chillafish Balance Bike

Chillafish is one of the first growing companies in the toy market
worldwide. They prove themselves through their products and services. The company makes an early milestone during its short life story. Chillafish already sold more than 1 million products over the world. That means a minimum of 1 million children consume their products for learning and recreation.

This reputed company established at Antwerp, Belgium in 2011 and the US, Japan in mid-2012. After that, they never see behind until now.

CEO Seppe De Roeck said we are a proud vendor to the biggest retailers in the world and that would be possible for our product’s crispy –creative & innovative design and added satisfactory customer value. Nowadays the toy market flooded by cheaper and lower quality products which can damage after little use. On the other hand, we are making standard and sustainable & more consumer value-added products still at a competitive price.

It everything started with their first product “Bunzi” in 2012
which was a charming balance bike for 1 to 3 years older toddlers and that can be switched from 3 to 2 wheelers without any tools. It was the beginning history of success in their business life. 7 years later they can declare proudly that over 1 million kids have chillafish worldwide and making the kids good players and riders also. Chillafish interest to see, feel and hear that makes perfection and passionate every moment.

A lot of product manufacture in Chillafish factories such as push
riding toys, balance bike, go-karts, and helmets. In 2019 Chillafish launched its new creation to the toy market that is SkatieSkootie. This is a four-wheeled customizable rider. The handlebar can remove in a second without tools, just pull & turn. The three-color deck plates & three colors tail angles make it perfect completely.

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5 Best Chillafish Balance Bike Reviews for 1 To 5 Years Older Kids

Comparison chart:


Age Range


Bike Weight (lbs)

Adjustable Handlebar/seat



Tire Type

Amazon Rating

Our Rating


Chillafish Bunzi


ABS material





Synthetic Rubber











Rubber Skin




Chillafish Fixie







Rubber Skin











Synthetic Rubber




Chillafish Trackie



3.52 (ounces)




TPE wheels





Chillafish Bunzi

Best for a starter with a unique design

chillafish bunzi review

Recommended Ages: The recommended age for this bike from 1 year to 5 years aged kids and shorter kids I also can use this one easily.

Benefits: Dear parents remember this is the first & successful model of Chillafish. Your toddlers can learn to step by step. This is easy to ride and uniquely designed with customizable features for toddlers. It is a 2 in 1 option bearing a gradual balance bike. It can be switched 2 wheels to 3 wheels in a few seconds without tools and 3 wheels are appropriate for 1 year older girls & boys or earlier than that. But 2 wheels can be perfect for more than 3 years or as your kids’ capability. Its handle shape is like rabbit and handle is well griped to ensure the comfort of your tots’ tippy fingers.


High-Quality ABS Material- Monzi” made by high-quality ABS materials that make lightweight and easy to convert from 2 wheelers to 3 wheelers. The refresh new color may be likable to babies.

Easily Convert From 2 To 3 Wheels- Easily switched to 2 wheels to 3 wheels without tools anywhere. The seat will be low position during 3 wheelers and will be high position during 2 wheelers.

Hidden Compartment- It has a hidden compartment under the seat. So kiddo can bring an extra toy or some snacks during the riding period.

Pros & Cons:


·  Unique designed.

· Silent anti-skid TPE wheel used for indoor and outdoor moving smoothly.

· 2 in 1 step by step balance bike.

· Learn balance gradually.

· Funny Rabbit handle shape makes more attractive.

· An extra hidden box under the seat.

· Used high-quality ABS material.

· Easy to carry from here & there.

· National parenting publications award winner model in 2014.

· No marking risk on your floor.


·  TPE tire may not for longevity.

·Not may fit for heavy weighted kids.

Customers Review: The customer reviews are satisfactory like 256 reviews along with 4 ratings out of 5 according to and our expertise rating is 8 out of 10 consecutively.

Pricing: Wow! The product price is $44.99 and you will get a wonderful switchable succeeded balance bike at that price which returns you more than the cost.

Verdict: This “Chillafish Monzi” is the ever successful bike in the toy market. So it may be a profitable decision under your budget. Funny rabbit designed funky toy can meet your maximum requirement at the cost of $44.99. You can try to make happy your tots or young child with this balance bike as the birthday or Christmas gift.

Chillafish BMXie-RS

Best coolest balance bike on the earth.

chillafish BMxie-RS review

Recommended Ages: This is suitable for 2 years to 5 years aged boys & girls. But this is one kind of free size so can use all of them who are little different from the specification. 

Benefits: This is the worldwide coolest and real BMX cycle design bike. Both wheels are foam that’s why no puncture and skin rubber layer outside that makes real tire taste during riding. Adjustable seat and removable footrest make the bike perfect at all. It has a creation history behind of this coolest bike. Manufacturer at first scratch a marvelous cool design on paper as if the product looks like Chillafish and completely different from others and the creators have taken 2 years to develop the total design completely. Because the manufacturer believes that this is not only a product but also a trusted brand name worldwide.


Ultra-Light Weight Frame- The frame made by high-quality fiberglass reinforces the material. For this, the bike is lightly weighted for easy to handle steer.

Rubber Skin Tire- You will be happy to know dear parents the both of tires made by a new kind of foam tire covered by rubber skin. That’s why wheels are puncture free and skin rubber layer ensures smooth riding.

Other Options- The adjustable seat gives perfection with the bike. Original light-weighted BMX bike style coolest balance bike in the world.

Pros & Cons:


·  Made by high-quality fiberglass reinforces material for the ultra-light feature.

·  Best coolest bike in the world.

· Attached detachable front number plate option.

· Adjustable
seats can be released from 32cm to 39cm without tools.

· Removable footrest.

· Airless a new quality rubber skin tires.

· Easy to carry anywhere and ergonomic design.

· Quality design and innovative art on the body.


·  No brakes & adjustable handlebar.

· The fiberglass frame can be scratched easily.

Customers Review: We found more than 110 customer reviews positively achieved an average rating of 4.3 out of 5 from and we are cool to provide 8.5 out of 10.

Pricing: You can notice the price of $73.99 which is under 100, really can be excited of your lovely son & daughters as an occasional gift. We think this is an affordable price against the world-famous coolest bike.

Verdict: This is clear that we suggest you that mentioned bike belongs to a lot of featured and benefits also. If you are ready to give the best coolest bike to your toddlers this is the best one for you. The total dimensions are 31.5 x 17.3 x 18.5 inches.

Chillafish Fixie

Best slower speedy bike for more comfortable.

chillafish fixie review

Recommended Ages: You can purchase this one for 2 years to 5 years older child according to the recommendation.

Benefits: That was the unique creation of the manufacturer with a slower speed designed through the mountain bike geometry. Extra grip footrests and child useable hand brake makes sure to steer, to balance, to confidence comfortable by his-her own pace.


Slower Engineering Technology- The slower technology provider’s extra fearless riding with completion of first level riding skilled.

Padded footrests- Long padded footrests allow taken rest of the feet. It is also removable in a moment.

Aluminum Alloy Frame – The frame made from Aluminum alloy metal. So it is ultra-light and strong too.

Pros & Cons:


·  Handgrips & padded seat
cooperate to smooth riding.

· Just attached the nut bolts during assembly.

· Mountain bike geometry makes it durable to the toddlers.

· Air tire is the best tire for the perfect bike.

· Make a more funny design for youth kids.

· Slower speed up from 2mph to 4-5 mph.


·  No kickstand with it.

·  Fewer expandable to saddle & hand bar.

· Rubber tire needs to maintenance regularly.

Customers Review: Amazing the 140
customers reviewed the product on Amazon and gave the score 4.2 in 5, our expert gave 8 out of 10.

Pricing: The estimated price of this product is $79.99 on

Verdict: Dear trusted parents Mini Glider not only perfect but also this is the best one on behalf of your investment.
You can try it for your lovely kids.
For your kind information, the product dimension is 36 x 18 x 24 inches.

Chillafish QUADDIE

Stylish, simple, clean but functional four wheels balance bike.

chillafish quadie review

Recommended Ages: The simple and stylish bike is suitable for 1 year to 3 years aged children or maximum weight the limit is 55 lbs.

Benefits: We know from the experiment that the bike is not only neat-clean but also it’s very simple & functional. The beneficial bike made by the steel frame, so this easy to handle and durable also and “grow-with-me” provides stable ride-on the platform. Soft
grip handle provides extra comfort to toddlers during riding time. After all, it has extra cookies compartment under the seat and that’s why your kids can carry snacks or anything along with for long time riding.


Adjustable Seat – You know parent! Here the seat is illustrated from 22cm to 25cm. That means it grows on your tot.

Silent Anti-Skid Synthetic Rubber Tire- This is used four-wheels by anti-skid synthetic rubber tire bur silent, never make noise in your environment.

Extra compartment- It has an additional benefit that available an extra compartment below the seat for carrying some snacks or anything else child like best in case of riding.

Pros & Cons:


·  Very simple but functional balance bike.

· An adjustable seat grows on your kid.

· Steering limiter ensures extra safety to oversteering.

· The high-quality steel frame makes it lightweight.

· Carry friendly, you can carry here & there easily.

· An additional box under the seat for bringing something else.


·  No footpegs.

· Skin rubber tire needs maintenance.

Customers Review: There are customers reviewed it on Amazon and give 3.5 scores out of 5 and our mentors’ team gave 8.5
in 10 through their judgment.

Pricing: Dear parents you will be delighted to know its price as low $59.99 against this well-featured neat & clean chunky balance bike.

Verdict: Chillafish QUADDIE is the super-duper riding toys ever and able to fill up your demands. You can consider it as a beneficial investment for your little one of him or her preparing due to a pedal bike next.

Chillafish TRACKIE

Rocker walker & ride on all in one

chillafish trackie review

Recommended Ages: The recommended age range is from 12 months to 5 years old as per manufacturer instruction.

Benefits: This is a more beneficial bike which has four gradual modes in on toys, such as sit & rock, stand & walk, push & rides and adjoins & plays train. Your kid can enjoy any mode as their mind and both modes switched without tools in a moment. Silent non-marking TPE wheel can be folded during the rocking mode. TRACKIE helps the toddler every stage of riding from childhood.


Four Mode in a Toy- This rock & roll model rider, children can take four types of testes by the same toy.

Both Mode Switched Without Tools- Toddlers friendly both modes are switched without tools and always perfect inside & outside consecutively.

Carry Friendly- The whole toy is light weighted carry friendly and ergonomically designed, so you can carry it easily anywhere.

Pros & Cons:


·  Made according to ergonomically designed.

· Four types of gradual modes enable.

· Developing every stage of your child’s own pace.

· Switching between modes without tolls.

· Smart rock & roll stylish 4 in 1 model.

· Non-marking silent 360 TPE folding wheels.

· Anti-tip system for more safety.

· Adjustable seat in low position 24cm and high position 34cm.


·  Limited colors option.

Customers Review Many customers reviewed successfully and provide a rating of 4.7 out of 5 on the Amazon platform. However, our expert team likes to give 9.5 scores in 10.

Pricing: It is beyond your imagination dear parents, what would be the price of it? This is incredible because the price is only $69.99.

Verdict: It can in the bottom line that the bike is unparallel and multi-options included. If you want to grow up your kid with every stage of balancing or rocking then this is ever perfect choice for you. So don’t think haphazardly just keep trust on Chillafish and justify practically by purchasing TRACIE for your toddlers.





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