10 Best Balance Bike Review for Toddler on an Affordable Budget in 2020


Best balance bike review for toddler

My Balance Bike review is one of the best balance bike reviews websites for toddler bikes that help you to make a purchasing decision as to your friends or trusted persons. 

Dear Lovely Readers, we won’t waste your valuable time and that’s why we provide a clear concept regarding our discussion. If you read here you will be able to know what balance bike is? Why it’s important for toddlers? Why we are trusted? Best balance bike price on the budget under $100, 10 best balance bikes for kids at a glance chart & reviews-2020.

Hi…! Dear reader do you remember regarding your two-wheeler riding learning memory. You may memories that times you used training wheels or tricycles at childhood. Then you will be how much excited and filling fear also because you can’t keep balance.

For this, many times your parents give co-operation or not but you
expect their company during the time of learning. Now, how do feel regarding your tots? They also need you to learning cycling. But now a day’s update technology and the system make your responsibility easier.

In present no pedal is the most wonderful invention of the learning
strategy. It fully helps your toddlers in case of learning cycle riding or holding the balance. Kids are fond of run bikes for moving. They learn how to ride fluently through playing with it. This has become an appropriate & likable item for your toddlers.

What is the Balance Bike? It is the name of a two-wheeler bike which has may pedal or not. On the other hand, it called run bike, foot bike, walk the bike, etc. This is classified by two types in
order to frame material; one is metal and another is wooden balance bike. Approximately the first no-pedal bike of the world “Dand
y Horse” was invented by the German inventor Karl Freiherr von Drais.

This is the simple design to learn to hold balance and steer on two-wheeler easily. Toddlers can’t fear it because they completely touch the ground with their feet. They can progress their pace day by day and after that, they can transfer to the traditional bicycle easily in the future.

It has a comfortable handlebar, saddle, wheel, brake & footrest,
etc. Some Balance Bike manufacturers make it without break. Mainly it depends on usability. Well, polish and various colors make it attractive and charming.

Why it’s important for toddlers: Each & every tot need to learn balancing and steering. Because it is not only teach biking but also teach how to keep balance in moving instead of tricycle or training wheel. Kids are balancing themselves through it. As a result, toddlers are becoming using their brain hands feet and eyes to achieve a goal in which practice makes them perfect rider from childhood.

In the beginning period, parents help them to start biking, after
that, your toddlers move in alone confidently. That means powerful confidence grows in their mind surreptitiously.

While I give a glide Bike to my baby then I can’t realize that these
simple initiatives make me much benefited like he will be smarter and self-confident than before. It was a birthday gift from me. My kid was very happy to get it. He loves it & plays with it. Day by day my kid became an unstable bike rider. Now I feel proud of him and ask when will come your term?

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Why we are trusted to you: We have experimented over 14 hours on online of bikes all over factors which related to buying decision-making process. We also make a local experimental team to gather the fundamental knowledge regarding fittings, assembling, parts
capability & availability so that we can help you to find the best one for your toddlers. We are not commercial just want to help you as like friends. So, you can’t face loss at all and be more benefited from your purchase.

We have also talked to our neighbors, relatives, friends to know about their user experience from the Yard, Street & Local Park. Very carefully we have revealed the important & authentic information on our “My Balance Bike” named website.

What is the perfect Balance Bike for your toddlers: Honorable parents or reader, this is a great challenge to find out the best one for your child from the thousands of brands. A market flooded by the various featured included many kinds of bikes. In this bike ocean which will be perfectly matched according to you, it’s a not only easy but also challenging job.

You should consider some factors during the time of purchasing a Run Bike for your child. Such as bike weight, saddle height, brake, wheel and frame materials, etc. Because those are important factors to tots, if anything becomes mismatch according to your tots then he or she never ride it at all and its reason that was uncomfortable to him.

Best Balance Bike Price on a budget under $100

There are a lot of Brands we see in the market, let us show you
which are perfectly matched to your budget or price under $100, such as Strider, Radio Flyer, Retrospect Cub, Banana LT,
Schwinn, KaZAM, Croco, Chicco, ENKEEO & Chillafish, etc. So, you may face a challenging situation while you want to buy a no-pedal Bike for a toddler. But don’t worry dear, we are trying to make easy of your decision-making process. We develop an at a glance chart of some popular bikes with all features in the Table:

At a Glance Chart


Age Range


Bike Weight (lbs)


Tire Type

Our Rating

Price on Amazon

Strider 12







View price

JOYSTAR 12” Kids Balance Bike


HI-Ten Steel



EVA Foam


View price

Retrospec Cub
Kids Balance Bike


Strength Steel





View price

Banana LT





EVA Foam


View price



BMX Steel



Rubber & spoke


View price

KaZAM v2e

Up to 5y




EVA Foam


View price

Croco Ultra





EVA Polymer


View price

Chicco Red


Sturdy Metal





View price

Radio Flyer Balance
Bike Glide N Go


Lightweight Steel

3.52 (Ounces)




View price



Carbon Steel



EVA Foam


View price


10 Best Balance Bike Reviews for Kids

We are trying to represent 10 best balance bikes for toddler reviews 2020 in front of you. It may help you to purchase the perfect run bike for your lovely toddlers.

Strider 12 Classic

Best for Beginners

Strider-12-classic balance bike

Recommended Ages: Strider 12 classic mostly designed for ambitious cyclists between the ages of 18 months to 3 years. As recommended, this is the best age range or 12″-17″ inseam belongs to a child. 

Benefits: The mentioned bike is another super creation of the manufacturer in the bike world. The adjustable seat and handlebar you can set up according to your Childs. You will get maximum featured in the limited budget which may beyond your expectations. On the other hand, you will get available to learn to ride guide on the online when your kid registers to strider. This is an awesome no-pedal bike which is specially designed for your young kids.


Learn to- This bike is the mentor choice with a friendly budget. Especially those who are want to jump in the pool but aren’t quite ready to cannonball. By riding with the bike your toddlers keep balance and steering at an earlier age. Except for this, you will get a free online guide name “Learn to Ride” while your product registers in Strider.

Adjustable Seat & Handlebar- The seat & handlebar’s height to
be adjusted according to the 18 months to 3 years or 12″ to 17″
inseam kids. As a result, your kids fill comfortable during riding.

Light Weight- The weight of Strider is only 6.7 lbs. That’s why you dear kids can control it easily and also able to learn riding and glide

Puncture free Tire- This is one of the great features that the bike’s wheel is 100% puncture-free so that never worried about puncture or pinning at that time of riding.

Pros & Cons:


  • Lowest seat height ensures your toddler’s foot landing on the ground.
  • It has gripped footrests that allow your kid’s foot to take rest sometimes.
  • Wheel made for Rubber. So, never need to fill the air and it is 100% puncture free.
  • Lightweight is a bike frame. As a result, your kids can control balance and operate it more easily.
  • Strider 12 Classic is easy to assemble anytime or any place.
  • It has an adjustable seat & handlebar, for this, you can set easily seat & handle accommodate to your kids.
  • Ultra-light in spite of made by rubber the wheel.


  • Rubber wheels can’t live longer than others.
  • Unable to convert into a pedal bike in the future.

Customers Review: Strider 12 classic has 713 average strongly customer reviews and Amazon rating 4.6/5 successfully. Our rating is 8.6 out of 10.

Pricing: Strider 12 classic model has launched to the market with a friendly price of $79.99. Remember this is more than just a bike.

Verdict: Our expert said strider is perfect for smart riders who are want to jump on the pool. You can give it to your kids. Because it’s all the needful features fulfill your expectations and make your kid skilled rider and so on.

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JOYSTAR 12” Kids Balance Bike

Easy to assemble & charming looks


Recommended Ages: The manufacturer provided an age recommendation from 1.5 to 5 years older boys & girls.

Benefits: This bike helps to find out balancing against the minimum risk. Without pedal and gear, JOYSTAR ensures the accurate line-up riding of your little novice. The manufacturer continuously develops its product and redesign frame also other important parts for making more suitable toddlers riding experience.


Air free Tire- The tire made by pure rubber which no need to inflate air at all and make sure low weight. For this, it can be carried by a kid’s own easily.

Easy to Assemble- You can set it very easily in or outside as you need. It can be assembled to ride within 20 minutes to an adult.

Soft Grip & Padded Seat- This one equipped by the soft grip and fully padded seat for providing extra comfortable bike riding to young tots.

Easy Adjustable Seat & Handlebar- JOYSTAR also has the expandable adjusted seat and handlebar which can be increased consecutively the seat from 12.2” to 15.7” and the handlebar from 20.4” to 22.4”.

Pros & Cons:


  • The light weighted frame makes it an ultra-lightweight that easy to control to little bikers.
  • EVA airless tire indicates puncture resistance and no need to inflate a tire for a lifetime.
  • You can adjust both seat & handlebar as your child’s need and till to your child growing up.
  • This bike is very easy to assemble at both in & outdoor which saves your time.
  • Padded seat and soft grip ensure more comfortable during the time riding.


  • EVA foam tire is not feet for long lusting.
  • We seem to need regular maintenance to get stop less service.

Customers Reviews- The customers’ review has on behalf of this bike from Amazon was 4.6 OUT OF 10 and our expert team agreed to give 8.5 out of 10.

Pricing- You should expense $55.99 as a purchase price of JOYSTAR bike. This is nothing for this type of featured bike.

Verdict- Sometimes we have nothing to say because you are a mentor and able to make a decision that is best or perfect for your lovely kid. JOYSTAR is one of the potential investments that can return you more and more. Your child will learn to balance properly without the risk or less possibility of injury. So you can choose this one as a lovely gift.

Retrospec Cub Kids Balance Bike

Popular for extremely Safety Design


Recommended Ages: In the field of the Cub Kids bike recommended age is to be 20 months to 5 years older toddlers.

Benefits: Restropec Cub Kids helps your tots how to ride without any training wheels. With the minimum distance between their feet & the ground your toddlers able to better control riding speed, avoiding nasty fall and minimize the risk from the unexpected heart.


Extremely Safe Design- Extremely safe design makes it more reliable for the parents. The CPSC consequent makes needful safety for your kids. 

Easy control- It has less distance between feet & ground, so tots can stop and control easily when realizing uncomforted.

Frame- The high-quality tensile strength steel frame ensure its durability and also lightweight frame easy to carry. The step-thru shapes of the frame perfect for the toddlers.

Footrest- Its wide footrest releases your kid’s tiredness or pain from feet.

Pros & Cons:


  • Adjustable seat and handlebar can be adjusted as per your requirement.
  • Foam’s wheel no need for maintenance.
  • It’s CPSC attending for your tot’s safety.
  • Has a wide footrest to take the rest of your kid’s feet.
  • Used tensile strength steel for making the frame. For this, the Cub bike is durable and also lightweight.
  • Simple pedal free pushbike.
  • Cub run bike more easily converts to “big-kids” bike.
  • Available multicolor for your choice.


  • Not suitable for a child under 20 months.
  • Always need a careful supervisor during bike riding.
  • A wide footrest may cause injury.

Customers Review: Customers average reviews 495 including 68% 5 stars as a useful product and rating 4.4/5 according to Amazon.com. Our expert rating is 8.4 out of 10.

Pricing: Cub balance bike estimated price is 59.99 USD on Amazon. We think this is a reasonable price on behalf of the parents.

Verdict: Hello dear parents! This bike comes with a lot of safety features and also lightweight frame & adjustable handlebar. So you can grip it to your lovely kids as a gorgeous gift. On the other hand, it can convert to a “big-kid bike” easily.

Banana LT Lightweight Bike

Best for Innovative & New Design


Recommended Ages: 2, 3 & 4 years older toddlers are recommended for the Banana Light Weight bike and it would be the perfect match for both daughter & son.

Benefits: Banana LT is the best lightweight bike in the market and comes with the new design for toddlers. Especially it belongs to the actual glide bike category frame so that users can learn to balance as soon as fast. Adjustable seat and handlebar to be adjusted that why your kids grow up with the bike.


New Improved & Update Design- Banana LT lightweight balance bike for toddler comes to the market with some new features and innovative updates. Such as new update seat, new quick-release seat
bracket, novel metal headset, modern handlebars and easily assembling, etc.  

Light but Strong- The reviewed bike not only light but also much strong. It’s made by strong metal and according to original balance bike design. As a result of your tot properly learned to move with balance and can control easily due to lightweight.

Puncture-proof EVA Tire- You have no tension at all about the tire. Because of the wheel made by puncture-proof EVA tire. In a word, no inflation, no puncture, and no maintenance.

Pros & Cons:


  • Innovative and new updates with new features make you so happy
    during buying.
  • Actual balance friendly frame design ensures maximum balancing
    skilled of your kids.
  • Light and durable frames ensure proper control of your kid’s riding.
  • Adjustable seat and handlebar allow you to adjust as your kid’s
  • Easy to built anywhere or anytime.


  • No more colors are available for choosing.
  • Foam tires can’t support for a long time.
  • No footrest or breaks in this bike.


Customers Review: Abut this bike Customers give 488 satisfactory average reviews and Amazon rating 4.5 out of 5. We give it an 8.5/10 rating.

 Pricing: This the logical price by $65.94. This will return you more than the costing with new & innovative features.

Verdict: We can suggest on the bottom line that it will be your worthwhile investment for the toddlers. You can be a proud parent to give the extraordinary bike to your dear kid as the Christmas or Birthday gift.

Schwinn 12″ No-Pedal Bike

Best for average & comfortable riding


Recommended Ages: This bike is best for two, three & four years older toddlers as per authority recommended.

Benefits: Schwinn is another of the eye-catching balance bike which best to realize confidence and freedom experience. The low center of gravity makes it much comfortable for riding. It is also designed with BMX looks and steel frame that makes it unique from others. The ball bearing headset ensures for easy steering to kids. Another of the mentionable benefits, it has sufficient space between saddle and handlebar that allows comfortable riding in the case of both your son & daughter.


Foot to Floor Design- The foot-to-floor design for beginning time rider’s goals to develop consistency and conviction to prepare them for a pedal bike.

Adjustable seat height-By the adjustable quick-release seat band, Schwinn bike is designed to grow with your child that makes adjust of kid’s respective ages. That means you no need to buy a new one when your kid becomes older.

Comfortable Space between Saddle & Handlebar-One of the greatest
features which make this balance bike too great is the distance from the saddles and the handlebars, providing huge space for the children to stand and move around, which convert it easy to ride.

Pros & Cons:


  • Authority advertises that the Schwinn is an American icon since 1895 in two-wheelers.
  • Designed with BMX looks and steel frame, low center of gravity makes the perfect for young riders.
  • 12″ air tires ensure smooth moving and durability. So it can save your cost.
  • Adjustable seat & handlebars can be adjusted as your kid’s need.
  • The ball bearing headset confirms steering moving smoothly.
  • Easy to assemble for parents.
  • Blue Green, Red and Pink colors available.
  • Spaces footrest helps your kid’s feet taking rest during riding.


  • Air-inflated tires need maintenance sometimes.
  • Used spokes in wheels, so it can break and need to replace.
  • The painted steel frame may be rusted if you don’t maintain properly.

Customer Review: Schwinn balance bike has 865 average customers review and rating 4.0/5 according to Amazon.com and our expert gave rating 8 out of 10.

Pricing: Schwinn balance bike’s estimated price is $80.08 at the Amazon.com. We think this is fewer prices than its valuable features.

Verdict: This is a wonderful and easy to ride no paddle bike especially whose are a beginner in riding. It may be the right choice for your toddlers as riding weapon. We suggest you mention that this is a comfortable bike at affordable prices.

KaZAM v2e No-Pedal Bike

Best for Stylish & Fear free Riding


Recommended Ages: Suggested age limit of KaZAM v2e accommodated toddlers up to 5 years old or up to 44” tall.

Benefits: KAZAM is one of the best alternatives to training wheels. It focused on the necessary elements of biking or cycling which are more needful for your kids. Children progress at their own pace by fare less riding with KaZAM. KaZAM helps your children balancing & proper steering and at the same time teaches how to build confidence & independence.


Patented Designed & spaced Footrests- KaZAM’s pedal-less bike has natural and spacious footrests that assist to your kids for holding balance provide feet rest from hanging.

Available with the EVA Foam & Air Tire- You can purchase Foam or Rubber tires bike in spite of both are available. Just remember Foam wheel is light but not durable on the other hand Rubber tire is heavy but durable.

No need Tool to Saddle height adjustment- Another facilities of that has no need any surplus tools to adjust the saddle. That’s beyond the trouble.

Pros & Cons:


  • Efficiency designed footrest allows proper foot placement &
  • Effective & adjustable Seat & Handlebar.
  • Seat height can be adjusted on the spot (13.5”-16.5”) and extra
    tools no required.
  • Puncture resistance & maintenance-free EVA tire.
  • Obviously light weighted 8 lbs completely.
  • All tools included for Assembly.
  • Available in various colors like Blue, Red, Green, Pink Black, White, Orange & multicolor.


  • Foam tire can’t long-lasting.
  • The aluminum frame may scratch at any time.
  • Not suitable for more than 5 years of older children.

Customer Review: Here have noticed 423 average customers review which treat as satisfaction. In the case of product rating, Amazon.com gives 4.5 out of 5 and 8.5 out of 10 consecutively.

Pricing: KaZAM v2e’s price would be from $49.99 to 81.06 based on the respective models.

Verdict: Dear parents if you looking for a qualified & functional without pedal balance bike then KaZAM would be the blind choice for you. This patented footrest and friendly designed make happy and fulfill your toddlers riding learning. So, you can give it and become a part of the memory of your toddlers riding.

Croco Ultra Light

Ever best Lightest Balance Bike for a toddler.


Recommended Ages: The Croco advice to the accommodate age from 18 months to 5 years older toddlers.

Benefits: This is one of the greatest light-weight bikes in the no-pedal balance bike world. Croco’s ultra lightest hand grips and seat ensure more comfortable of your kids during riding and also younger kids fill more in control due to lightweight. No need to assemble any tools and available adjustable saddle & handlebars also.


Premium Benefits-At first you have to able to assemble the bike within 5 minutes and without tools. Except this, it has ultra-soft hand grips, padded seat, griped footrest and safety-ends screws protect your child from foot hits.

High Quality with Ultra Light Weight- Aluminum frame makes it super lightest bike so that younger toddlers able to control easily and fill stress-free riding. Croco used long-lasting EVA Polymer tire for both of lightest and durability.

Warranty- This is not usual but informed from Amazon.com regarding this product with a 100% guarantee offer that if you face any issue they covered you and replace the defective parts.

Pros & Cons:


  • Assembly within 5 minutes without tools, time & labor both safe.
  • The ultra-light Aluminum frame makes easier to control.
  • Ultra-soft hand grips padded seat and griped footrest ensure your
    toddler’s comfortable riding.
  • Can be fully adjustable saddle from 11.5 to 18.5 inch and handlebar
    from 20 to 25 inches as per your children’s requirement.
  • Used EVA polymer tire for long-lasting service.
  • Guarantee of replacement defective parts.
  • Making the conversion t a pedal bike easier.


  • The painted aluminum frame can scratch easily.
  • This is not fit for more than 5 years of older kids.
  • Warranty is not available always.
  • Only Red, Blue and green colors available.

Customers Review: The Croco has 182 average customers review and rating 4.7 out of 5 according to Amazon.com.

Pricing: Don’t worry dear Croco has no illogical price at all. The estimated price is $72.90. This is a worthwhile investment in the view of you.

Verdict: We have to suggest you like the super lightest pedal-less bike which your kids can control and carry in indoor & outdoor. This is a lot of features included bike that you get only for the minimum costing. You and your toddlers will be happy with this one.

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Chicco Red Bullet Balance Training Bike

Best for Universal Fit


Recommended Ages: Recommended ages for 3 years above older toddlers but the manufacturer said Chicco Red Bullet is suitable for 2 to 5 years older toddlers.

Benefits: This bike designed for fear-free and less difficulty riding, Chicco also popular for the best alternative of the training wheel. Your kids will be able to learn earlier how to hold balance & steer by this bike. This is a marvelous no paddle fearless bike, so your lovely kids can start riding fear-free and confidently.


Smart Looks- This bike gain sight of all due to smart looks and marvelous color that increases the rider’s mental happiness & smartness also. 

Fear Free and less Difficulty bike- this bike specially designed for those kids who are much funky and cant interested in biking. This specialty ensures your kids fear free riding with less difficulty.

Lightweight Frame- Lightweight sturdy metal frame makes too easy to keep control easily on behalf of your children. Total weight only 5.95 lbs and always ready to carry up to 55 lbs weighted child.

Pros & cons:


  • At first, we can say this is the most fear-free and less difficult bike.
  • Adjustable saddle to be adjusted from 13 inches to 15 inches as per kid’s need.
  • Smart looking makes it so much acceptable.
  • Puncture resistance tire, no need for maintenance.
  • Rubber handlebar grips provide extra comfort to your toddlers.
  • Light-weighted metal frames easy to control.
  • Chicco red bullet achieved some award for his performance like as “Preferred Choice” – Creative Child Magazine and “Seal of Approval” – Parents’ Choice


  • The rubber tire is not durable at all.
  • Light-weighted that’s why may jerk more on the jagged road during riding.

Customers Review: Here rating 4.4/5 and average customers review 634 according to Amazon.com. Our expert put the Chicco 8 rating out of 10.

Pricing: Marvelous Chicco Red Bullet Training no pedal Bike estimated price only $51.99 which the best affordable price for a comfortable bike.

Verdict: We think there’s nothing to say regarding the bike because this is not only a well-featured bike but also a smart fear-free one. So dear parents you purchase the bike confidently for your toddlers to begin biking with fear-free and less difficulty.

Radio Flyer Balance Bike Glide N Go-Gray (Sport)

Best for Quickly Learn to Ride


Recommended Ages: Manufacturer recommended age for the Radio Flyer from 30 months to 5 years older kids.

Benefits: This bike’s structure designed as that pattern as your kids quickly learn to ride. Due to the light-weighted steel frame, tots can control balance easily and it allows your kid only focuses on balance. On the other hand, a real bicycle bell is attested on handlebars to make more fun during riding.


Traction Tread Tires- Wheel made by traction tread tires that hug the road during moving and reduce the risk of roads. This is also punctured by a free tire, so no need for maintenance. 

Adjustable Seat- Adjustable seat grows with your child and ensures extra comfort of learning riding. It has no tool required to adjust the seat on the sport.

Real Ringing Bell- To make more fun and interesting riding here attached real bicycle ringing bell. That can also inform you of the toddler’s presence place.

Pros & Cons:


  • Quickly learn to ride due to friendly design.
  • Adjustable seat can adjust according to your kids and no needs any tools to adjust.
  • The traction treads tire hug road and ensures safety.
  • The sturdy lightweight steel frame makes sure durability and easy to control.
  • Ringing bell makes more fun riding to tots.
  • Weight capacity 50 lbs positively.
  • Radio Flyer advertised that they over 100 years of quality products
    that inspire adventures.


  • Foam tire may not durable or long-lasting.
  • Limited colors like Gray.

Customers Review: Average customers review 390 including 67% 5 stars and 4.4/5 according to Amazon.com and our rating is 8.5 out of 10.

Pricing: This is a comfortable bike affordable price by showing a $49.99 estimated price of this bike. You will get more than the bike against estimated costing.

Verdict: If you want a quick learning & funny no-pedal bike for your dear kids within affordable price then Radio Flyer is the best option for you and nothing else. Just purchase and gain real experience of riding.

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ENKEEO 12 Sport Balance Bike

Best for both indoor & outdoor Riding


Recommended Ages: Suitable age recommended for this bike from 2 to 6 years older kids or under 3.6’ kids.

Benefits: Made by carbon steel ENKEEO is one of the greatly valued pedal-less bikes which gives your toddlers most essential biking skilled like balancing, steering, confidence, freedom and prepare to convert to pedal bike. Rust free lightweight frame and antitoxic all materials make it unique and trusted to parents.


Design for Safety- Used all materials are eco-friendly and antitoxic that’s why 100% safe for toddlers. Puncture resistance EVA foam tires-no need to inflate ever and provide smooth riding.

Adjustable Seat & Handlebar- Another great feature adjustable seat to be adjusted (13.7” to 17.7”) and handlebar can be adjusted (22” to24.8”) or according to your child.

Light Weight Frame-High quality carbonate steel made lightweight bike only 5.9 lbs weight that can easy to control and carry to younger toddlers. Weight-bearing capacity 110 lbs.

Pros & Cons:


  • All materials are eco-friendly and antitoxic which ensures your
    kid’s safety.
  • Adjustable saddle & handlebar which make comfort riding and save money also.
  • Soft handlebar grips ensure extra comfort.
  • The light-weighted frame is easier to control.
  • EVA foam tire no need to inflate at all.
  • The carbon steel frame prevents rust from the body.
  • Stylishly designed with five color options.


  • Light-weighted that can cause more jerking on the inflated street.
  • Required tools to adjust the handlebar.

Customers Reviews- We found average customers review 218 and Amzon.com rating 4.1 out of 5 while our experts give rating 8.2/10.

Pricing- ENKEEO 12 Sport Balance Bike’s estimated price of $54.99 for the purchaser that is reasonable cost according to the product.

Verdict- We think you will get all of the high-class bike’s features in this one. The balance bike for toddlers not only well-featured but also smart and charming looks. Your kids too like its eye-catching five innovative colors and this may be the best gift for your lovely tot on the occasion of birthday or Merry Christmas.

If that balance bike review for toddler-2020 helps you a little bit then we fill we are the success and our labors get the responsive feedback. This is not enough, if you have any questions that you want to know, then fill free to ask in the comments below; we try to answer as soon as possible.


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