Best balance bike buying guide 2019/The ultimate guide to buying a balance bike


Balance bike buying guide

Best balance bike buying guide 2019/The ultimate guide to buying a balance bike

The dear reader now we are going to assist you through
providing an effective guideline in case of buying a first balance bike for your dear child. We also try to reduce your confusion and determine to find out the best one as well as you can take a perfect decision on buying initiatives.

We are trying to cover some factors in this article about balance bike’s like Size, Seat height, Weight, Geometry, Tires, Seat & Handlebar Adjustability, Brakes, Turning Limiters, Foot Rests, Frame Materials, Bearing, Gripes, Bolts, Price, Warranty & Looks for you.

How to Choose a Balance Bike for Kids: Complete Buying Guide

If you read the whole article then you will be able to develop your knowledge as well as can help others regarding this matter. We try to share our practical knowledge & practical experience that collect from the real user level. We hope this could be a complete buying guide for you.


Size of balance bike

Size is one of the most important things to consider
while choosing a perfect balance bike for your child. Because the appropriately sized balance bike leads to comfort in case of smooth riding. We found most of the marketer markets their bikes to mention a speech “one-size-fits-all” but the reality is different such as the 18 months an aged child is not fit to 3 years older balance bike.

Mostly balance bike’s size depends on wheel size. We see commonly used 10″ to 12″ wheel size of a bike which fit for starters and 14″ to 16″ used in case of preschoolers and very few we found to make 18″ to 20″ wheel for whose are not confident to ride the pedal bike yet. 

So, in that case, you select which size is best according to your child inseam. Do we have a great suggestion to you that you can make a little trail by your child while purchase a new balance bike is it
comfortable or not? After that, you make the final purchase.

Seat Height

seat height of balance bike

Seat height is another indicator to select the best balance bike.
You must ensure that your child can put its feet on the ground easily from the seat. Seat height should be 1.5″-2″ below than your toddler’s inseam and this is the standard size. This is to say, if your boy’s or girl’s inseam is 14″ than the seat height never exceeds to 12″. “Inseam” means the distance between feet and your child’s crotch.

Dear parents don’t worry about seat height because of most of the
branded balance bike has the seat height adjustable opportunity so that, you can increase or decrease seat height as per your child very easily.

You also ensure about seat materials because foam and rubber made seats provide more comfort than plastic or others. If the seat does not provide 100% satisfaction during riding time then your kid can’t interested to ride anymore.


light-weighted balance bike

You must focus on bike’s weight while choosing a balance bike for your kid and their bike weight should be 25% of your kid’s
weight as per general equation. Such as your kid’s weight 20 KG so the bike weight never exceeds 5 KG. If exceed, the child never controls it easily. As a result, he or she became irritated or fall in an accident.

Actually, the weight of the bike depends on its making materials. Like steel, iron or aluminum. Those frame made by aluminum is very light weighted than steel or iron. This is a fact. You must remember light weighted bikes lead to smooth control and steering comfortability.  


geometry of balance bike

Geometry is the part of mathematics that discussions the size, shapes, positions, and dimensions of things and when this theory applied to the bike manufacturing process is called a bike’s Geometry. Different parts are attached with the perfect measurement at the perfect point with 100% accuracy and work together smoothly which leads to strong Geometry of the bikes.

Related functions of a good geometry are seat position, front fork, cockpit, wheelbase and frame design, etc.


Tire of balance bike

Yes! The tire is one of the major thinking factors of a bike. Because it refers not only to bike’s weight but also smoothly moving. There are three types of tire we found and those are:

EVA Foam Tire- Foam tire is the one kind of light-weighted tire of the bike. It is made by EVA foam and this tire was puncher resistance. One of the most benefits that it never needs to inflate air. But the tire is not long-lasting life.

Air Inflated Tire- This type of tire is the best and standard tires for any wheels. Most of the branded bikes are made by these types of tires. Like balance bike, pedal bike, three-wheelers, etc. Air-inflated tire made by pure rubber and it leads to the actual test of riding. But you need to inflate air in it and it is not punctured proof.

Hard Plastic Tire- On the other hand a few numbers of the hard plastic wheels we found on the bike. These types of tire neither ensure smooth riding nor a perpetual lifetime at all. It generally used in infant’s bikes or tricycles.

Seat Height & Handlebar Adjustability

Saddle height and Handlebar adjust-ability of a balance bike

Seat Height- New purchaser can take an adjustable seat instead of a fixed one. By getting this option you can adjust the seat height according to your toddlers as well as he can use the bike till growing up.

Handlebar- Handlebar has the same function to adjust the handle according to the child’s height. So, taller & smaller kids used the same balance bike at a time. It reduces your additional cost and serves you perfectly. Our expert team suggests you buy adjust benefits included a balance bike.


brake of a balance bike

Brake is the optional part of a bike. Some manufacturers made a product with effective brake or some not. Because this option is not mandatory for all.

Brake use to stop bike speed commonly but children are usually used their feet to stop bike’s speed which means here brake is their own feet and by using their feet they can fall in danger or injure their own self.

Brake is a mentor considerable matter during the time of buying a balance bike. It saves your kid’s shoes as well as protects mild feet from unrespectable injury and also prepares them for riding a pedal bike. Though feet are the primary brake hand brake is the secondary brake to the toddlers.

Brake system included bike can make your kid’s ability more strong to take an easily pedal bike and able to occur accurate combination
between their eyes & hands.

My suggestion according to practical experience if your child’s age was around 3.5 years then you can consider a bike with hand
brake but if he or she was young then no need at the first stage.

Turning Limiters

Turning limiters of balance bike

The turning limiters mainly block the handlebar’s fully revolution. Otherwise, the handlebar turns sharply and the rider falls down by bike on the street. This limiter leads to a safety net around the balance bike and makes safely turning the handlebar as per rider need.

I especially advise you to take this option seriously in case of the buying process. Don’t worry if you don’t like then can easily remove but it is really beneficial.


Footrests of balance bike

Dear Readers Footrest is one of the important matters for the buying process. It stands both sides in the middle of the bottom frame area. Sometimes it was covered by gripper as if kid’s feet never sleep during ridding.

We found from our practical experiment that toddlers, unfortunately, keeping their leg up. So, they get pain in the leg and lost interest to ride. This unhappiness tendency removes the footrests swiftly.

There is the majority brand not to make footrests included bikes but you can found fewer in the market.

Parents if you interest to make more funny and attractive learning ridding then you can consider this option seriously.

Frame Materials

Frame material of balance bike

This is the most important part of a balance bike. Because the whole parts adjoin with it and it indicates the bike’s weight and

Bike’s frame made by four types of materials:

Aluminum-This is the costly but light-weighted, rust-free & durable material. The materials mostly used in the adult bike. The manufacturer like these materials to get light-weighted benefits.

Steel- Steel is another durable material for making a frame. This is durable but weighted and that’s why sometimes it becomes a cause to younger kids. Steel materials need maintenance perfectly otherwise it will be defective.

WoodWood makes the bike attractive and different stylish. Some manufacturer makes a frame by wood and they are getting good feedback from users. The wooden bike is not only durable but also cheaper.

Plastic- Plastic is not usable materials like others. This is not strong. Mainly this material used in the case of infant kids rider because it’s light-weighted and cheapest than others.


Bearing of a balance bike

Bearing usage in many locations in a balance bike, like front and rare axel, in the fork, etc. the balance bike Bearing determines
how smoothly & how fast wheel rotates around the axel. The bearing is a lubricant part so it keeps covered always which can prevent it from dust, water & other harmful elements.


Hand grip of a balance bike

Gripes mean anything covered by rubber materials that prevent slipping and ensure comfort. These types of gripe used in a balance bike, such as footrests & handlebar. Without grips, children can’t steer the handle comfortably. Grips also play an extra protector role of your toddlers smoothly biking.


Bolts of a balance bike

Various kinds of bolts are present in the balance bike. There are
exposed, covered, rounded & recessed. These bolts are used for many purposes.

Exposed bolts are lead to injury if your kiddo was fallen or
makes collisions during riding.

Covered and rounded bolts give a few safeties but not fully trusted
for your lovely kids.

On the hand recessed bolts keep hidden on the biked body and never hart to your kids at all. All kinds of bolts are crucial to make a bike just you should choose which made by good for you.


Price of a balance bike

This speech is a universal truth “anyone is better than
nothing”. So however price any amount just you have an appropriate balance bike for your son or daughters which must be comfortable, safe, enjoyable & likable to toddlers.

But most of the price depends on the brand, frame material, tire,
and parts. If your budget is around 100$ you can buy an attribute bike that met your maximum demands. 

Dear reader if your budget is more than 150$ than you can get a more featured bike like bell or whistle, special color, and carbon-fiber frame, etc.

You have to choose & purchase something which will meet your all requirement, perfect for your child, match to your local environment and one that your child loves it.

So, our suggestion is to be aware & invest your money into the appropriate product.


Warranty of a balance bike

Sometimes found warranty and guaranty or bundle offer on
each purchase. You should be aware of that offer what does it cover? How long period validity even is it included to replace the damaged parts if needed. 

Most of the manufacturer provides a lifetime warranty on the bike’s body or frame and for a certain period parts replacement warranty
in case of a special offer.

You can search for each of them to get a better bike with a benefitted offer. Remember competitive market provides more benefits to the customers; just you have to find out.


Joovy balance bike looks

When your bikes fill up all kinds of demands then you concentrate on its looks and attractiveness. Because it needs to like by your lovely kid and fall in love with it. If your lovely kid doesn’t like the new bike then he or she will not ride if it’s new.

You can make it according to children through finding their likable cartoon, color & brand, etc.

In the bottom line, we can say everybody wants to give a dream balance bike to his or her child and it will be a marvelous gift or a potential investment while you will be able to purchase a nice and best one. If you follow the above instruction then the responsibility would be easier for you. In a word, our ultimate buying guide of a balance bike will lead to you to retrieve the best one for your toddlers.






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